How To Make Baby Pacifier Shower Favors

There is no better favor in a baby shower than sweet baby pacifiers. Sure enough, the guests and more importantly the mom-to-be will enjoy this kind of treats. So why not volunteer to make these treats for a friend? The process is just easy, not to mention yet the project is so fun to do. Here, check out these instructions to help you come up with cute and sweet baby pacifier treats for the coming baby shower:

  • Shop for the things you need for this project. Do not forget to get these things when you happen to go for a shopping: white Tic Tac mints, round Lifesaver white mints, milk, confectionary sugar, and curling ribbon.
  • Make edible glue for the project. The two kinds of mints need to be glued together so they can form a baby pacifier. Since these treats are edible, you must only use edible glue when doing this project. Start by mixing a quarter cup of sugar and several milk drops. Take note that you need to get a thick consistency for your mixture. You can add more drops of milk until such time that you reach the necessary thickness of the edible glue.
  • Prepare the mints for the baby shower treat project. To give you a big picture of the project, you need one Tic Tac and two Lifesaver mints in one baby shower favor. Unwrap all the mints that you will be transforming into cute baby pacifiers.
  • Work on the base of the pacifier. At this point, you have to work first with the Lifesaver mints. To start the pacifier favor, dip one edge of a Lifesaver into the edible glue and then position it over the other mint's center hole. The first mint will serve as the pacifier's handle while the other one is the pacifier's base. Let the project dry for around 20 to 30 minutes before proceeding to the next step. Repeat these steps until such time that you have enough number of pacifier favors for the party already.
  • Add the Tic Tac mint to the glued Lifesaver mints. Dip the mint into the edible glue and then insert this Tic Tac candy into the Lifesaver mint's hole. The Tic Tac mint will form the nipple of the pacifier. You can use a jelly bean instead for this purpose. Do this step for all baby pacifier favors. Then, let each pacifier to dry for 15 minutes or more.
  • Finish the favors by decorating each of them with a curling ribbon. Get curling ribbons in pastel colors and tie it to the hole in the handle of the pacifier candy. Cut the ribbon as necessary and curl it with the use of scissors or pencils.
  • Serve the treats in a bowl or basket. Showcase the baby pacifier treats by arranging them in colorful containers such as a nice basket or a decorative bowl.

Isn't these baby shower favors easy to do? Even without an extra hand to help you, you can successfully create these cute little favors to surprise the mother-to-be and also the guests. You can even opt to make a lot of these treats and arrange them in personalized bowls. You can give these treats away to guests to serve as their remembrances for the event.


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