How To Make Baby Shower Invitations with Ultrasound

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A sonogram (or popularly known as ultrasound) is a great medical equipment the services of which expectant moms (and excited dads) can now easily avail of. It uses a wand-like apparatus, called the transducer, which will be moved smoothly along external parts of the mother’s abdomen to get an image of the form (and gender) of the baby in her womb. The sliding motion produces bouncing sound waves into the body which will eventually get pictures from within which will be presented on a computer screen.

Most moms-to-be nowadays use sonogram images of their baby in their baby shower invitation cards. You, too, can make your very own baby shower invitations with ultrasound. Here’s how.

  • Go to your sonographer and get your sonogram. Usually doctors would hand a hard copy of the result to the patient. You can openly discuss with them your specific purpose of using it for your baby shower invitations so you can obtain a wonderfully clear digital copy. For further enhancement, have the image scanned in high resolution at any leading photo stores in your locality. And don’t forget to keep a back-up copy of the image in your flash drive or any computer storage device, just in case.
  • Make a design of the entire invitation card. If you have knowledge on manipulating the photo lay-out programs of Adobe Photoshop or even PrintShop21, then this task is not at all a daunting one for you. But don’t fret. Even the simple program of Microsoft Word or Publisher can also give you a great result if you were to make an invitation card out of these two programs. Get a readymade template from the program and use it as a starter for the invitation. You can search for background photos on the Internet or even get ideas on how you can enhance the appeal of the card. Get great photos on these sample sites;,,, Type in the key words of the images that you want to use and pick out the best one that suits the idea you have in mind. If you have a hard time making the design yourself, you can always ask help from the experts. But anyhow, MS Word and Publisher need only basic knowledge. With just a little assistance you can go on your own making the design. Make sure that you leave a place where you can stick the ultrasound image.
  • Attach the ultrasound image. Stick it anywhere in the invitation card. You can place it in the front or inside the card. This will be the highlight of the invitation card so make sure that the image has a size big enough to be seen on the best part of the card.
  • Make an inviting statement. Think of a catchy slogan or statement inviting your guests to the baby shower party. If you know the gender of the child, a few suggestions would be: “Here’s my boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”
  • Add other important details. Since you are making an invitation card, you’ll need to type in information that your guests need to know. Inside or in front of the card, type in the name of the guest, the schedule, the venue, and other details that you want to inform them.
  • Print the cards. Use a good quality photo paper or specialty paper to print your invitation cards. And make sure that you have an ample supply of colored ink for this project.

There! Now you have your very own and personalized invitation cards for your baby shower. Good luck and have fun!


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