How To Make Baby Shower Lapel Pins

Baby shower pins are great additions to the wonderful aura of welcoming a new baby in the world. Instead of wearing the traditional clothespins for a popular baby shower game, lapel pins will work for the game better. Plus, lapel pins can serve as a keepsake of all the guests that are part of the baby shower gathering. To help you get started with this project, follow this guide very closely:

  • Purchase blank lapel pins for your project. You can see different kinds of pins that can be used for this project in the market. Choose the flat back pins that have backings in them.
  • Take the necessary measurements of the pins. You have to create a design for the lapel pins so you have to measure the pins you have for a more accurate designing process. It is fine to follow the size of the flat face of the pins when considering to decorate them. However, you can go for a slightly bigger design granted that the size is not too large that guests will not wear them anymore or they can be easily damaged or bent when worn. The most ideal size for the decoration is half an inch of an excess on all sides of the pins' flat surface.
  • Design the lapel pins using your computer. You can use any design program in your PC in creating designs for the baby shower pins. However, always make sure that you follow the measurements you have decided on earlier. For instance, you can create a circle and add a baby shower clip art or image inside it. You can always play with the colors, lines, and shapes until such time that you are happy with the project. Copy and then paste the design on one sheet until such time that you have enough for all your lapel pins.
  • Print out the designs on a sticker paper. Once you are happy with the design, print them all out in a sticker paper. Peel the paper backing off and stick it on a card stock. Then, cut each design out very carefully.
  • Draw your designs in a piece of paper or cardboard. If you are not comfortable using the computer for this project, you can draw your designs on paper. However, this involves more work since you have to personally design each pin by hand.
  • Glue the design to the lapel pin. Remove the backing of the lapel pin and glue the back face of the design where the backing was removed. Make sure that your design is at the center of the pin. Hold the design in place for at least 30 seconds so that it will dry and stick perfectly to the pin. If there is excess glue at the edge of the pin, wipe it off. Then, glue the pin's backing again. Do this step for all the lapel pins you intend to use for the baby shower.

A baby shower will be incomplete without lapel pins. They are a fun alternative to be used on clothespin games and an even better statement to welcome the birth of a baby in the house. So for the next baby shower, surprise everyone with memorable lapel pins of this kind.


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