How To Make Baby Shower Pins

What is a baby shower without the pin game? If you have attended many showers already, you will find that this game completes the fun of a baby shower. However, you do not need to stick to the use of simple clothespins when doing this game. You can start your very own project to create colorful, unique, and cute pins for the baby shower. Check out these tips to help you in doing this project:

  • Start by painting the clothespins to be used for the baby shower. More often than not, a lot of baby showers simply use a simple clothespin for the games. However, for this project, you will create something that is a lot different and more personalized. To start with your project, paint the clothespins depending on the baby's gender. If the gender is still unknown, take note to choose a neutral paint color such as yellow. When painting the pins, be sure that you work on both the outside and inside parts of the pins.
  • Create triangles with a white cloth. Find a white cotton fabric where you can draw a triangle on it. The ideal size of the triangle is three inches long on all sides. Cut the same number of cloth triangles as that of the number of the clothespins for the baby shower.
  • Work on creating little diapers out of the triangle-shaped fabrics. Lay the triangle on a flat surface with one edge pointing to you. Fold the edge of this bottom point and bring it upwards. Glue it at the center of the triangle. Once done, bring the other two points of the triangle at the center of the cloth just the same way as you did for the bottom point of the triangle. At this point, the cloth will resemble a diaper.
  • Print out names or phrases in thin strips of plain white or colored paper. If you have a computer with a printer, type the name of the baby or the phrase baby shower. Print it out and cut these printouts in thin slices. If you don't have an access to a printer, you can simply write down the names or phrases in a sheet of paper.
  • Pin the strip of paper to the diaper. Get a very small safety pin and use it to pin the strip of paper to the diaper. Do this process for all diapers for the baby shower pins.
  • Glue the diaper to the clothespin. When the paint on the clothespins is dry and the diapers are made to perfection already, you can start to glue the diaper to the pin. Hold the diaper firmly to the clothespin after applying glue so that it will stick nicely and firmly to the pin. Repeat this process until all the baby shower pins are created.

Entertain your guests even more by adding a more personal touch and look o the baby shower pins. Since this project is just easy to do, there is no point to still use the usual clothespins for the baby shower games. Also, keep in mind to work on extra pins for the baby shower so you have them ready in cases of some pins being damaged or extra guests coming in.


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