How To Make Balloon Bouquets

Traditionally, flower bouquets are used as decoration to liven up events and parties. However, this could be quite expensive. It is also sad to see flowers go to waste after the party is over. A lot of people have opted to replace flower bouquets with pretty balloons as decorative pieces for their events and parties. Balloon bouquets are less expensive to use and are quite cheerful to look at.

If you are holding an event or a party and would like to create your own balloon bouquets for decoration, you can follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Prepare the materials that you will need. Determine the color theme that you want for your balloon bouquet. Choose five to seven balloons of the same size. Make sure that their colors fit your theme. Having the balloons in the same size will keep it from looking awkward in the bouquet. You will also need one Mylar balloon – this will be the centerpiece of the bouquet, curling ribbons that match your theme, scissors, transparent tape, helium, and a stuffed animal or a potted flower.
  • Fill up your balloons. Fill up the balloons, including the Mylar balloon, using helium and tie a tight knot at the opening. Make sure that the smaller balloons are the same size so that they do not look awkward when you put them together.
  • Make curled ribbons. Cut out a few 25-inch pieces of ribbons. Hold on to one end of the ribbon and slide down your closed scissors with the scissors at the bottom and your index finger on top of the curling ribbon. This will curl the ribbons.
  • Attach the ribbons on to the balloons. Tie each ribbon on to a small balloon until all of them are done.
  • Tie the balloons on the Mylar balloon valve stem. Take the ends of the ribbons of the small balloons and gather them together. Adjust the ribbons so that the balloons are distributed evenly around the Mylar balloon. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, tied the ribbons on the Mylar balloon valve stem.
  • Add ribbons. You can add ribbons on to the Mylar balloon to emphasize it even more. Cut out longer ribbons and stick it on to the bottom of the Mylar balloon using your transparent tape.
  • Attach the bouquet on to the stuffed animal or the potted plant. To keep the bouquet in place, tie the Mylar balloon on to the potted plant or stuffed animal. Use additional bigger ribbons like an organza ribbon to decorate your stuffed animal or your potted plant.

Now that your first bouquet is in place, you can start working on other bouquets that will match the theme of your event or party. Use different types of Mylar balloons, or use similar ones --- whatever works for you. Remember that keeping the number of balloons odd is better than when it is even. It balances the look of your bouquet.

Balloon bouquets are not only great for children’s parties, it can be used at weddings, anniversaries or family gatherings where even adults can enjoy them. Enjoy!


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