How To Make Debutante Party Invitations

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money if you wish to send out impressive debutante party invitations.  You can design and print them on your own.  And since you are making them, you can even personalize them to bring about a special touch.  Here are a few pointers for you.

  • Decide on your color scheme.  It is both practical and exciting for your debutante party to have a motif.  Of course, you can base your motif on a color scheme. The most common hues for debutantes are pink and blue.  If you intend to be more classy and elegant, you can favor black and white.  See to it that your chosen color scheme is echoed in your venue decorations and in your party invitations.
  • Refer to some of the available invitation templates.  You can check out some programs on desktop publishing.  Most of the time, they provide simple interfaces, allowing you to stylize and vary your invitation design.  They also encourage you to personalize your color combinations, your font types, your clip arts, and your decorative borders.

    Once you have completed your layout, you can readily print the invitations using your home computer.  However, if you computer skills are a bit advanced, you can simply use the templates as your springboard.  Let them inspire you.  And eventually, you can come up with something unique, original, and creative.

  • Source the suitable papers and envelopes for your invitation design.  Go for quality materials.  You want your invitations to excite your guests.  Since you have already saved a lot on designing your invitations, you can absolutely splurge a bit on first-class stationery.  You can always inquire from the supply store if the materials that you have chosen can match your intended design and printing setup.
  • It is also beneficial to visit a party store so you can gather wonderful ideas.  A party store usually carries a great selection of party invitations.  Again, don’t be a copycat.  Just draw your inspiration and find ways how you can make your party invites more catchy and interesting.
  • Personally handwrite the name of each of your guests.  It is quite easy to choose an elegant font.  However, printing the text may seem impersonal.  If you are thinking of spending your party with the people who are really close to you, then, handwriting their names is definite worth the effort.  It is impressive if your handwriting can follow the calligraphy tradition.  However, a legible handwriting is surely acceptable, especially if the recipient gets to recognize it as yours.
  • Include a photo in your invite.  This is one of the personal touches that can make your party invitation noticeable.  But don’t just put any photo.  You really have to think about it.  It can be a baby photo or anything that has been taken recently, reminding the recipient how the debutant has swiftly matured into a fine individual.

Once your party invitations are ready, send them out ahead.  You want your guests to prepare for the actual party.  It is ideal if you can give out the party invitations at least a month or a few weeks before. 


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