How To Make Easy Pool Party Invitations

Beat the heat this summer with a cool pool party! Whether for kids or the grown-ups, a pool party will surely enliven the spirits. Pool parties are way cooler than the beach party scene because pool parties are more intimate and allow for greater socializing. So slip into your bathing suits and dive into this opportunity of pure fun. Invite friends; the more the merrier!

Since this type of party is a pretty casual social event, you have the flexibility to make your invitations as simple or as extravagant as you wish − just as long as it’s creative of course! Here are a few unique ideas you can try.

  • Rummage through your closet or your kids’ toy boxes for old funky shades. These will serve as your hip invitations. You’ll probably find a few pairs. But if you still need more, drop by the nearest department store and pick up a dozen or two. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • With a silver permanent marker − which you can find at a school supplies store − write the details of your party on the lenses. Keep it short and simple so that you can fit all the details. Try something like: “Let’s keep it cool during this summer heat. Head on over to (insert your address) at (insert time). RSVP to this number (include contact number).” To make it more fun, your guests should wear the sunglasses to gain entrance into your exclusive party.
  • Don’t feel too guilty about wasting the sunglasses because the permanent markers are actually not that permanent. These funky frames can be re-used! Take some cotton and with your regular nail polish remover swab it over the permanent marker to erase the writing. If you’d prefer, you can print the details on stickers and stick them onto the shades.
  • Instead of shades you can also use beach balls, flip flops and inflatable water toys for the kids.
  • If you want to make practical invitations with a very personal touch, why not stitch the names of your guests onto a beach towel. No need to stitch on all the details as this can be written on a small tag. For presentation, roll the towel neatly and tie with a colorful ribbon. You may attach the small tag with the party details to the ribbon.  This personalized, practical invitation can also be a perfect party give-away.
  • One fun invitation that is fitting for a flirty singles party is using two–piece bikinis. Give away the top halves to the male guests and the bottom halves to your lady guests.  Attach a cheeky note promising to find their “destined love” at the party. Though your guests may not actually find their soul mate they will however surely make new, exciting friends. One of the advantages of this type of invitation is that you’ll be assured that there is an even number of men and women at your party.

Have a blast creating these cool invitations!


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