How To Make Friends with a Celebrity

Power and high-profile connections—these are only some of what you can have if you befriend a celebrity. Making friends with celebrities will help a lot if you have great political ambition, a business to promote, or you want to be a celebrity, too.

What’s more good news is that celebrities need new friends like you, too. Their hectic schedule and the possibility to get fake friends make them settle to having their old friends, instead. But that does not make it impossible to befriend celebrities. Here are some tips to finally have a celebrity friend:

  1. Reconnect. Do you have a friend then that is now a famous personality? Maybe he won the American Idol or became the new Miss Universe. Congratulate him and try to reconnect and rebuild the lost friendship. Re-establishing a connection with old friends is easier than building new ones. So don’t lose this chance and befriend your old pal.
  2. Be exposed. Get yourself involved in activities where celebrities can get to know you like a concert, a press con, or a charity work. Be acquainted with the celebrity and take pictures of you with the celebrity. If the celebrity is not busy on the first day you meet, talk with him more so he’ll remember you.
  3. Meet again. Go to occasions or events that the celebrity will attend. Approach him again by saying your name and where you met. Celebrities meet a lot of people and the need to be reminded where you meet and who you are.
  4. Share interests. Celebrities like it more to be connected to other people because of other interests. Talking with the person regarding his celebrity status and issues about him will make him feel like you just want to befriend him because of his status. Don’t make him feel that way by talking outside the portals of being a celebrity. Ask about his family or his hobbies. This is a good start to share the same interest.
  5. Several encounters. Although you talked about hunting the last time, that does not make it a good move to invite him go hunting next week. Wait until you get several encounters before you invite him to some activities. Be in the event where he will be and show up to him there. If you think you are both ready for other activities, then go ahead and ask. Celebrities are often shy to invite people to do something else.
  6. Understand. Most of the time, a celebrity will decline your offer to do something like hunting. Maybe it’s really a bad timing. Make him understand that you understand. You can say, “It’s okay. Let me know if ever you changed your mind.”
  7. Accept invitations. If the celebrity friend invites you to do something, accept that as much as possible. Celebrities don’t have much time to do other stuff and if they do, they want to share it with friends like you. So don’t lose this chance to be closer to him.

It will take time before you can befriend a celebrity. It’s just the same as making friends that are not celebrities. It will start from knowing their names, getting to know each other, making things together, and being closer to each other. Take your time and friendship with a celebrity will sprout out naturally.


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