How To Make Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm

One of the common problems you might have already encountered is having chapped lips. Chapping of lips is more likely to happen during the colder season. Aside from spoiling the way you look, chapped lips also often hurt.

To prevent this thing from happening, you can avail of several cosmetic products that can keep your lips from getting dry. Instead of purchasing petroleum jelly, you can save money by making your own lip balm. You can prepare your own lip balm with the use of beeswax. Here’s how:

  1. Prepare beeswax and oil. These are the two basic ingredients that you will use, so make sure to prepare a lot of them before you start the procedure. It is advisable to use beeswax and oil that are cosmetically graded. The yellow pellets or white block type of beeswax are the better choices because their properties will yield a less dense lip balm once the procedure is finished.
  2. Choose the other ingredients that you will mix to your solution. You must decide on which supplementary ingredients to use. They are usually the oils that you will add to your creation. Their primary function is to give scent to your lip balm. Choose them according to the kind of scent you want your lip balm to have.
  3. Melt the beeswax. Heat the beeswax in a microwave or a boiler to melt it. For this step, do not turn on the heater for a long continuous period of time. Instead, heat it at short but multiple intervals until the beeswax has melted and ready for collection and storage. If the lip balm that you come up with is not as firm as you wanted it to be, you can add more beeswax and follow the same procedure as above.
  4. Add the supplementary ingredients. After melting the beeswax under the heat, you can now add the other ingredients to your lip balm. Aside from the scent, these ingredients will also be responsible for the texture of your lip balm. For instance, adding honey will give softness to your lip balm once it thickens. You can also add whisk and other oils like Peppermint Essential Oil or Coconut Oil.
  5. Prepare the container of the melted beeswax: For the container, make sure that it has been well cleaned and sterilized. Remember that you are going to apply the melted beeswax to your lips so you do not want it to be contaminated with rust or any dirt. To ensure your safety, you can resort to reusing emptied lip gloss. Although free of rust, you will still need to clean them with soap and water to remove the dirt and germs that have accumulated inside it while not in use.

While chapped lips can pose itself as a huge source of agony, you must not relent from finding ways to quell it. You can apply lip balms to your lips to do this. More excitingly, you can use beeswax that you can make on your own. You can also decide on the essential oils you will add to determine the resulting scent of your lip balm. In an instant, chapped lip is no longer a problem. Instead, it will become a circumstance that will kindle your creativity and make you appreciate your own beauty.


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