How To Make Place Card Holders

Place cards help your guests find their seats reserved for them. They are used in large parties or events to minimize confusion on the part of the guests as to where their seats are located. They are prepared for special events to add a touch of elegance and style. They are placed on a place card holder that can be designed depending on the event. A card holder serves as a tool in a way that it puts up the card for the guests to easily read or spot from a distance where their assigned seat is. It is better to face the card holder where the entrance is so that the visitors will have no trouble spotting it. In this example, we are going to make a simple place card holder for a beach wedding event.

  • Materials you need. You need a white 4” x 4” cardboard, a synthetic scallop shell, glue gun and glue stick, sand, and synthetic pearl.
  • Making the base. Lay the cardboard and put some glue on it. Sprinkle sand all over the glue just enough to cover the glue trail. It represents the beach where the event is going to happen. Remember to use the same sand that is found on the beach to create a uniformed effect. Using sand that is of different color from the ones found in the venue may somehow alter the design concept.
  • Attaching the Scallops. Place enough glue at the center of the base to attach the scallops. Make sure that the scallops are in the right angle so that it wouldn’t ruin the presentation. You can add small pebbles at the side to make it more presentable and pleasing to the eyes. Remember not to over design the place card holder as it may ruin the idea. Furthermore, you can add glitters inside the shell to make it look attractive and magical.
  • Adding the pearl. Glue the pearl inside the scallop but not in the center. Move it a little to the front end or you can use the angle of the card as basis for where you will place it in. Upon placing the card, open the scallops in a 90-degree angle as it will serve as a leaning guide for the card.

You can always create a concept for your place card holder based on the event that you are planning to make. It shows your style and creativity and may even serve as a party favor for your guests. You can add a “thank you” note or a small picture inside the top part of the shell just to be sure if one or more of your guests want to take it home. Instead of a regular place card holder, you can come up with new and different ideas to enhance it. It may also serve as a fascination point for some in order to prevent them from getting bored of waiting for their ordered food. Just an important tip, you must make a design that is related to the concept of the occasion. Making a design that is not related to the concept is not the way to do it as it may cause negative criticism.


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