How To Make Plans with Someone

Sometimes it can be hard to make plans with another person. Everyone has busy schedules with work, children, family obligations, and other activities. Most people do not have a lot of free time. Maybe you have been wanting to get together with someone for a long time, but just have not gotten around to actually making plans. It is important to take certain steps when making plans with another person to make sure that the plans actually follow through.

The first step would be to contact the person. If you want to see your buddy you have not seen or talked to in a while, you have to reach out to him. You want to do this in the way he is most easily reached. If you know he never answers his cell phone, but responds quickly to e-mail, then send him an-email. Be specific when asking him to make plans. The more details you figure out up front, the more likely that you two will actually get together. Most of the time when people just say "Let's do something soon" they do not actually do it. Instead, say "How about we do lunch next Saturday?". That way he can put aside that time for lunch. Give him some time in advance so that he does not already have plans, but not too much time where he will not remember.

Try to choose an activity or restaurant the person likes, and that you like, of course. The location should be convenient for both of you. Some people do not like to drive far. You should also pick a convenient day and time. Weekdays are busy for most people. Weekends are probably more convenient. However, it does depend on the person you are meeting up with. If you are not sure, give days and times you are available and ask him to pick one. People are usually busy near the holidays. If a holiday is coming up, pick a date after it for a more likely chance of getting together with that person.

If he agrees to a time and place, follow up the day before to make sure the plans are still on. If you wait until the day you are supposed to get together and just show up, the other person may not. Something could have come up in the meantime or he could have forgotten. A reminder is always helpful, especially for people who are really busy. Finally, if you do make plans with someone, make sure you are there on time. You probably do not like waiting for people. They do not like to wait for you, either.

Hopefully these tips will help you next time you are trying to make plans with someone.


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