How To Make Special Effects for a Kids Party

Two kids blowing cake candles

Making your child's party an event to remember is as easy as adding a few homemade special effects to the festivities.

For a birthday party, the cake can become the centerpiece to your theme. There are several ways to add unique flair to your cake.

To create a Volcano Cake, start by covering a base, a cake stand would do fine, in a piece of green or brown felt large enough to completely cover the base. Then, frost any flavor bunt cake in chocolate frosting, and place it on the now covered base. Decorate the cake with plastic dinosaurs, trees, or even a tiny village. If you have experience with sculpting chocolate or marzipan, adding a few edible adornments can further impress party-goers. Moments before serving, scoop a pint of chocolate ice cream into the hole in the center, and pour strawberry syrup over the top to give your volcano the look of erupting.

If your guest of honor dreams of space travel, turn your party space into Outer-space with a few simple decorating effects.

The best place to start is by attaching lengths of fishing wire and small white twinkling lights across the ceiling of where you plan to hold your party. Several black helium balloons can help to obscure the true color of your ceiling, and create a deep space look. Cover Styrofoam balls with different colors of felt, or another fabric you have handy. For further detail in your 3D planets, research color schemes for each planet. To create the rings on Saturn, cut the intended Styrofoam ball in half before covering, and glue each half to either side of an unwanted CD. Hang your completed planets from the fishing wire you hung earlier, securing the fabric on each planet to the line with stick pins, or curved wire, such as that on Christmas ornaments.

To turn your party into a special Jungle adventure, turn your party space into a dense jungle, complete with face painting to turn your party guests into wild animals.

Start by creating animal ears for your little guests using plastic headbands as a base. Wrap each headband in fabric printed with your intended animal's print. Then, cut appropriately shaped ears out of construction paper, you can draw on details if comfortable, and hot glue them to the headband. To complete the effect, cut a large rectangular piece of fabric, also in your animal's print. In the center, cut out a large enough hole for the child's head to fit through comfortably. Drape this over the child and secure a belt around their waist, made of spare strips of fabric from creating the poncho. nearly completing the wild look. Finally, using CHILD SAFE face paint, give each child whiskers and a nose.


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