How To Make Stuffed Fabric Gifts

Gift giving has been a worldwide tradition during birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. And most of the time, it has been a challenge for many to choose the perfect gift. If you are one of those people who enjoy making stuff out of scratch, then a nice gift idea for you is to make stuffed fabric gifts. Stuffed fabric gifts can be made from different kinds of materials, like scraps. Materials you can use may range from your old sweatshirt to those random thingamabobs in your drawer. It’s a budget and eco-friendly gift so you can save money while helping the environment at the same time.

Here are the basic steps on how you can make your own stuffed fabric gifts.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need fabric, sewing materials, and stuffing. For the fabric, it may be better to choose something sturdy or something easy to sew on if you don’t have a sewing machine. You can also buy a patterned fabric to have less décor. An old shirt can also be used. All you need are basic sewing materials such as different-colored threads, shears or scissors, sewing pins, needles, and preferably, a sewing machine. Sewing threads may vary from cotton, silk, wool, and nylon. Cotton threads are durable so it can be ideal to use. If you want your stuffed gift to have that artistic vibe, you can use different colored wool threads. Just remember to purchase a large-eyed needle for this. Additional things you can use are scrapbook materials that can be readily-sewn on the fabric. For the stuffing, you can use either cotton or various scented Potpourri. A seam ripper may become handy for any sewing mistakes.
  • Cut, stitch, and stuff the fabric. Begin by cutting the fabric into two pieces of the same size and shape. If you want to have a precise outline, you can draw first on any pattern material and lay it on the fabric before cutting. Put the two pieces together with the wrong side out. Flatten the edges by ironing it first for easier sewing. Sew the two fabrics together on the edges leaving just enough space to turn it inside out. For that precise stitch, you can first pin the top edges while sewing from the bottom. Remember to do a two to three reverse stitch on the seam to make sure the stuffing does not seep through. Now, turn the fabric with the right side out and evenly fill it up with your chosen stuffing material.
  • Sew the gap and decorate. You can sew the gap shut either by hand or machine to secure the stuffing in place. Hand sewing may add to that creative finish. Embroider your gift with different decorations of your choice, depending on the preference of the recipient.

The designs you can create in making your own stuffed fabric gifts are limitless. Just squeeze out those creative juices and use different materials for a brilliant outcome. With this kind of gift, you can definitely say that your thought definitely counts.


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