How To Make Twins with Fertility Pills

There are couples who look forward to having twins. But the likelihood of having twins depends on family history. If either of the couple has a history of twins in the family, then it is possible for them to conceive twins.

One way to increase the chances of having twins is through fertility treatment. Fertility pills in particular are said to increase the chances of conceiving twins. If you and your partner want to be parents of twins, then you can explore this option.

  • Consult with your partner. As the woman, you first have to make sure that both you and your partner want to have twins. There are many challenges associated with giving birth to a single child. When you have twins, these challenges usually double. You and your partner should be sure about this decision.
  • See your obstetrician. With your partner in tow, talk to your obstetrician. Explain to your doctor that you want to conceive twins. Ask her about her thoughts and recommendations. If a woman has no trouble conceiving, obstetricians are wary about prescribing fertility treatments. See what your obstetrician has to say. If necessary, your obstetrician may send you to a fertility doctor to ensure that a medical profession well versed with fertility treatment is handling you case.
  • Research fertility pills. Ask your obstetrician or fertility doctor everything you need to know about fertility pills. Read on the subject of fertility pills. And if necessary, seek the opinion of another obstetrician. Inquire what the short term and long term effects are of this type of fertility treatment especially for women who do not have problems conceiving a child. Some fertility pills increase the likelihood of developing cysts in the ovary. This type of pill also can result in ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome. Chances of getting ovarian cancer may also increase.
  • Understand the challenges of twin pregnancies. Your obstetrician should inform you of the medical challenges that go with twin pregnancies. Carrying two fetuses may have more physiological complications. There is the physical discomfort of having two babies in the womb. Premature labor is also a concern. After the birth of the twins, postpartum depression is likely. For the babies themselves, there are risks. Twins are usually born weighing less than babies who were born solo. Normal delivery is not always possible. Cesarean section is probable.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. If you get the go signal to take fertility pills, make sure to take it as prescribed by your doctor. The dosage should be followed to the letter. Increasing the dose on your own does not increase the chances of conceiving twins. It merely increases the chances of suffering severe side effects from the pills. Fertility pills are not recommended to be taken for a long time.
  • Visit your doctor regularly. Your obstetrician or fertility doctor should monitor your progress while on fertility pills. See her regularly. Only your doctor can give you sound advice.

Most couples who have twins in their own families also want to have their own twins. They know the different kind of joy having twins brings. But even if you don’t have a history of twins in the family, having twins is an exciting prospect.

One way to increase the likelihood of have twins is by taking fertility pills. This type of pills is prescribed by an obstetrician. Discuss the prospect of increasing your chances of conceiving twins with your obstetrician. She is the best person to give you sound advice on this matter.


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