How To Meet Jewish Women

Barbra Streisand, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Kat Dennings, Mila Kunis Rachel Bilson, Amanda Bynes—these women are all American actresses. Famous, fabulous, beautiful, talented, and paid a lot to do film work. They’re all Jewish, too. Then there’s that funny-kookie-sexy-Brooklyn-accented Nanny Fran from what else but the smashing sitcom, The Nanny. Jewish women are fun to be with if you base your realities on Hollywood women. In real life, it might take quite a while to meet the ideal Jewish woman that’s a right fit for your loving arms. If you are dead set on narrowing your choice to a Jewish woman, keep your hopes up. It can happen very soon. The numbers prove it. There are 5,664,000 Jewish women in the United States with most of them living in New York followed by Miami. That’s an astounding number of Jewish women in beautiful places, too!

Here’s how you can meet not one, not two, but countless Jewish women.

  1. Move to New York or Miami. If you want something really bad, you have to make certain sacrifices. In this case, you have to move where the action is. Seriously, packing your bags for either location will up your chance of meeting Jewish women. Go for it, you hopeless romantic!
  2. Hang out in Jewish places. Go to restaurants where Jewish women eat. Shop where they want to shop. When invited, go to Bar Mitzvahs. The best place, however, is still the synagogues. If you visit their synagogues, ask if they have programs and organizations for single people. If this leads to something positive that you can participate in, sign up and get ready to mingle.
  3. Connect with your Jewish friends. It would be next to impossible for you not to have at least one Jewish friend. The mere fact that you are interested in meeting Jewish women is because you’ve been exposed to the Jewish way of life and culture. Let your Jewish friends know that you’d like to meet Jewish women. If you’re kosher, they’ll hook you up with friends and family. Just be ready to go through mild ribbing for this. Your friends will poke fun at you for asking but if you’re serious about this, they’ll quit and introduce you right away.
  4. Get to know the Jewish community in your area. When in Rome, right? Become involved in the activities of the Jewish community where you live. It may be a small or large community. It doesn’t matter. It’s fun to get to know people, large or small.
  5. Do volunteer work or community service. The kind of work that does not involve a Judge banging a gavel to pass down a verdict. This kind of service will ask you to volunteer your time and effort out of the goodness of your heart, while giving you the opportunity to keep an eye out for Jewish women in their natural environment. Yup, it kind of reeks of motive but if your mom brought you up respecting women, you should be able to do this without a Jewish woman asking for a protection order.
  6. Check out a dating service. You may also go online to search for Jewish women if this is what you’d rather do. A couple of online dating websites worth checking out are and

The law of attraction applies to the vibe you give out. Jewish or not, you can meet great women if you are a great man. It all starts with a good heart.


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