How To Mourn the Loss of a Loved One

Mourning is a process one must go through when a death of a loved one occurs.  But the loss of a loved one not only means physical death.  It could also mean the ending of a relationship.  Nobody ever wants to go through this process.  However, there is no other way to get over the grief that accompanies loss except through mourning.

If you are currently experiencing the loss of a loved one, you may go through a gamut of emotions: disbelief, anger, confusion, guilt, depression, anxiety, fear, resignation, acceptance and hope.  Each person deals with a loss in his own way.  Here are some suggestions on how to mourn a loved one’s loss.

  1. Realize that the loss did not only happen to you.  If the loss is due to death then you are not the only one mourning his loss.  Other people are affected by his death, too.  Reach out and spend time together with people who love him.  See how this other person or persons are coping.  Talk about your loved one and help each other go through the grieving process.  Lean on each other for support.
  2. Join a support group.  Depending on whom you lost, there are a number of groups that exist to offer comfort and support.  There are groups dedicated to families of men and women in uniform, for parents who lost a child, individuals who lost their significant others or even their pets.  
  3. Turn to your faith.  It helps to find comfort in your religion.  Engaging in spiritual activities can provide you a means to channel all the feelings that you are going through.  Talk to someone from your religious organization and express your feelings of loss.  Often, they can give you guidance as well as solace.
  4. Find a counselor or therapist.  If you find yourself having difficulty opening up to others or you feel that you are in need of professional counseling, seek the help of a grief counselor or therapist.  They can offer a fresh perspective and objective suggestions on how to handle this difficult moment in your life.
  5. Memorialize his passing.  If the loss is due to death, honor the death of your loved one by continuing or finishing something he started.  It may be a hobby or a favorite charity.  List down his passions and ask others whom he loved for ideas on how to memorialize him through these.  If he always wanted to see a certain place, spend your next vacation there.  If he loved dogs, volunteer in a rescue organization.  Do at least one thing that he would have wanted to do and offer this in his memory.
  6. Take care of yourself.  Your physical well being is as important as your emotional state.  Make sure to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well and see the doctor in case you feel ill.  Since you will be under a lot of stress during this trying time, you will need your physical strength more than ever. 

The loss of a loved one comes in many forms.  It may mean death of a person you care for deeply or the passing of your favorite pet.  A loss can also mean the ending of a special relationship between love partners or even friends.  Whatever type of loss you are going through, it is important that you go through a process of mourning.  This is the only way that you can eliminate the grief that you are experiencing and move on to lead a happy life.


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