How To Order Greetings from the White House

White House
If you or someone you know is celebrating a special occasion, you can write to the White House and request that the president acknowledge the special date with a personalized greeting card. It's exciting to receive such a treasured greeting from the White House. Just follow these steps to have the president commemorate your special event.

Step 1

Understand the rules. Now, exciting as this may be for international citizens, the opportunity to order greetings from the White House is not open to everyone. Actually, the service is only available to American citizens.

Step 2

Have a legitimate milestone to celebrate. You can't just order greetings from the White House for any small thing. You have to be celebrating a milestone event. In particular, anniversary greetings are only sent to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and beyond. Likewise, birthday greetings from the White House will only be sent to those celebrating an 80th birthday and above. The other limited events that the White House will acknowledge include:

  • Wedding (send request after event)
  • Baby's birth (send request after event)
  • Eagle Scout award
  • Girl Scout Gold award
  • Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah (or equivalent occasion)

Step 3

Give enough notice. Understandably, the White House needs advanced notice to process your request and get your greeting card to you in time for your special event. Therefore, it must be received 6 weeks in advance of your milestone event. If you order greetings from the White House within a smaller time frame, they will not guarantee that they can honor your request on time. In general, they will not send greetings after an event has occurred, except for wedding congratulations or birth acknowledgments. So make sure you order your greetings from the White House several months before the special date.

Step 4

Include all of the necessary information in your request. In order for the White House to properly fulfill your greetings request, you need to include all of the required information. This includes:

  • name and address of person(s) celebrating, including formal titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)
  • exact date of the special event (month, day, year)
  • specific event (age, which anniversary, etc.)
  • the requester's name and phone number
  • other mailing instructions, if different from honoree's address

Note that if you are requesting a baby's birth announcement from the White House, you should also include the full name of the baby and both parents.

Step 5

Mail your greetings request to the proper address. All greetings requests from the White House need to be directed to the appropriate office. Direct your request for a personalized greeting card to:

The White House

Attn: Greetings Office

Washington, D.C.


You should expect your greeting from the White House around 10 days before the milestone occasion, or several weeks after events if you ordered your greetings after the event occurred.


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