How To Organize a Multi-Family Vacation

Multi-family vacations are a great way for relatives who are living far apart to meet with each other and enjoy each others’ company during a vacation. Instead of settling for just another Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas get together, spice things up by including a multi-family vacation. Here’s how.

Assign a coordinator. Begin by assigning a coordinator between your relatives. This will facilitate the coordination between the various families that will be involved in the vacation. The coordinator should have enough spare time in his hands to take care of various details such as the venue, date, accommodation, planning, coordination, and handling the finances for the vacation. Of course, as a coordinator he should also know that he would not be planning the activity all by himself. The coordinator will need to talk with the heads of the families involved until they have settled for a vacation that everyone wants to take.

Venue. The venue will be one of the more challenging decisions to make when it comes to the multi-family vacation. A single family can already have conflicts as to which vacation spot to choose, which means that a larger group of people deciding on the venue can be even more difficult. To make things easier, create a list of the usual vacation spots, such as ranches and outdoor parks where the family can go hiking, camping and fishing, or foreign cities such as Rome, or beaches or mountain skiing resorts. Afterwards, the pros and cons of each destination can be assessed.

Date. The date should also be talked about in advance, so that the various families will be able to coordinate and tweak their schedules. Some of the best dates to hold the multi-family vacation are during summer when the teens and the children will be out of school, as well as during long holidays such as Christmas or New Year. These are usually some of the common free periods that people have.

Accommodations. Plan on where you will stay beforehand and make the reservations. Use the web to check for accommodations, such as ranches, camp sites, and hotels where you and the other families can stay in during the vacation. Make sure that you book in advance, especially since you will be bringing in a large number of people. The last thing you want is to find out that the hotel is one room short for the family. This can be very common especially if you are visiting major cities on holidays.

Money. Whether you like it or not, money is another issue that you will have to contend with. Make sure that you create a budget for the entire vacation, including the food, accommodation, and the travel expenses. Try to check with the other families for their budgets for the vacation, and make sure to stay within budget. If there are some families that need help, talk with the other families about this so that you can plan on how you will subsidize for the other family’s expenses.

Spending time together with family is becoming increasingly rarer as people move to farther and farther places in search of better work opportunities in their respective careers. Use the multi-family vacations to bring your families together and have some fun.


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