How To Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter right around the corner, the kids are going to start looking forward to the yearly Easter egg hunt. Right when you get back from church they are going to start looking through the house and yard for what may be in those little plastic Easter eggs. You may have had trouble the last few years with mixing it up for the kids, or you may be organizing your first Easter egg hunt. Either way, this article can help you plan a great Easter egg hunt.

Step 1

Fill the eggs. The first thing you are going to do is fill all of the plastic eggs that you will be hiding with surprises. It is up to you as to what you fill them with, but it should be something worthwhile so the kids will continue to search. Some good ideas are candy or money. 

Step 2

Hide the eggs. This is where the real fun begins for the person organizing the Easter egg hunt. Go around your house or yard and find fun places to hide all the eggs. Make sure that you count how many eggs you have placed so you know when they have all been found. Also, do not make it too hard, and allow the seekers to find them without doing something that may cause them to get hurt. Be creative with your hiding spots.

Step 3

Gather the kids. Now that you have hidden the Easter eggs as best you can, get all the kids together. Give them something to put the Easter eggs they find in. Then have them go out and search long and hard for those Easter eggs. You may have to give them some hints, but keep it a game and let them figure it out for themselves. You may have to help some kids if they are falling behind. It is more fun when everyone has somewhat of an equal amount of eggs.

Step 4

Enjoy. Once the kids have found all of the Easter eggs, gather them around to enjoy their findings. You may even allow them to trade eggs with each other for prizes. 

Easter egg hunts are a great memory for you and the kids. This Easter make a memory by organizing an Easter egg hunt. 

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