How To Organize Your Next High School Reunion

High school is undoubtedly one of the most memorable times in one’s life. Whether you were the prom queen, the nerdy class president, the jock, the resident artist, or just the plain Jane, you will never forget your high school experiences. Perhaps this is the reason why high school reunions are so popular. Here we give you tips on how to organize your high school reunion.

1.    Form a reunion committee.

Although planning a reunion might seem as easy as contacting all your schoolmates and booking a place, the devil’s in the details.  You need a committee that will oversee the organizing and the planning of the high school reunion. Be sure to recruit reliable people, preferably your friends, so there won’t be communication problems or conflict.  Now, doesn’t that feel like high school already? 

2.    Decide if you will use reunion planning services. 

High school reunions are so popular that there are companies specializing in planning this kind of event. Hiring reunion planners will be easy for you and the committee, because they will assist you every step of the way. From contacting your old classmates to booking venues to setting up payment systems, reunion planners carry the bulk of the task for you.  You can take comfort in the fact that professional people are organizing and planning your high school’s reunion.

If you don’t know any such company in your area, visit the web site of the National Association of Reunion Managers (NARM) and look for reunion planners in your state. Or you can just search for reunion planning services online. Some of the most popular online are:

3.    Contact your high school classmates and schoolmates.

Regardless of whether you opt to hire a high school reunion planner or not, you should still get in touch with your classmates and schoolmates personally to inform them of the upcoming reunion and convince them to attend. Perhaps the best way to do this is online through social networking websites like,, Facebook, and MySpace. You can also choose to create a web site specifically for the event, sort of like a virtual school, and ask people to subscribe to the newsletter.

To make sure you don’t forget to invite or get in touch with everyone, bring out that yearbook and make a list of the people in there. While you’re at it, include your high school teachers, too. Ask everyone you have been in contact with to spread the word about the upcoming reunion. This will create a buzz around the event and get everyone excited or anxious about attending it.

4.    Finalize details of the event – This task will be easy if you hired a reunion planner.

If you didn’t, make sure that you stay on top of everyone in the committee by having weekly meetings and asking them to send progress reports of their tasks.


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