How To Overcome Loneliness

Do you sometimes feel left out, lonely, useless and empty? Obviously, feeling lonely is no fun and is a warning that you need companionship, closeness and intimacy. We need companionship to feel well. Isolating ourselves won't do any good and may withhold us from functioning well. The following steps may somehow ease the loneliness we feel inside.

Step 1

Never think that you're alone. According to an essayist, Henry David Thoreau, "I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude." And this is so true. If used well, moments of solitude can give us deep satisfaction. However, prolonged periods of isolation may lead to loneliness.

Step 2

Think positive. At times loneliness is imposed on us by situations beyond our control, like being away from a friend. And when things are not going well, we often dwell on better times that we had in the past. However, we should not forget that circumstances are bound to change for the better. With this, researchers often mention the temporary loneliness. Talking about what you feel with someone who cares can help. We should not live in the past; instead, always look for a brighter future.

Step 3

Compose yourself. At times, we may think that the pain of loneliness seems to be persisting and that it won't end soon. You may feel that nobody cares and may even think that you can't stand it anymore. This may be a chronic type of loneliness. And the first thing that we should do is to understand its cause. Sometimes, our low self-esteem forms a barrier that keeps us from opening up and making friends. And the thoughts like, "I'm unattractive, I'm uninteresting, I'm worthless," won't help at all. The key in overcoming your loneliness may thus lie in building our self-respect. Just as you can only see the full colors of a flower after it unfolds, others can only fully appreciate your qualities if you open up to them.

Step 4

Mingle with others. Oftentimes, the best advice for a lonely person is to get involved with other people. And it works! Caring for others not only gets your mind off your own loneliness but motivates others to take an interest in you. You should be friendly; otherwise, people will think that you're stuck-up. Begin with a smile. Then, strike up a conversation. Ask simple questions like, "Where are you from?"; "Do you know so and so?" Both of you may know a person and before long you guys are already talking. Kind acts and generous spirit will likewise help you to build precious friendships.

Sometimes, loneliness covers up the real us. Our life is like an everyday battle. And just like in a battle, we aren't there to fight alone. For some, a close relationship with God is the best cure for loneliness. We must be assured that the loneliness we feel is just normal, so relax.


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