How To Perform DNA Testing at Home

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There are a number of reasons why someone would want to perform a home DNA test. DNA tests can determine if a certain person was in a certain place when a crime happened. DNA testing can be done to determine your ancestry. DNA is also used to determine if someone is a grandparent, aunt, uncle and so on. But the most common use for home DNA testing is for paternity reasons. While this can be done at any doctor's office or your local hospital, it is now possible to do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Many times two people wish to find out the results of a paternity test for simple piece of mind. But just because you want to know who the father of a child is doesn't mean you want anyone else knowing your business. If this is the case, there is no need to contact an attorney or a doctor.

There are many companies that now offer home paternity tests that are over 99% accurate and very easy to administer. The kits range in price from $99 to $250 depending on the company you choose. Accuracy also varies but almost all are over 99%. What's more, you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your home.

When ordering the DNA test kit from any of these companies, you have control over where the test kit will be sent. You can have the test kit sent to your office or your home, the choice is yours.

The process is pretty much the same no matter what company you choose to go with.

Step 1

Register your kit online. Give the company vital information about yourself and determine how you wish to be contacted with the results. You can choose to be contacted by mail, phone or e-mail.

Step 2

Open your kit. Use the "swab" provided to collect DNA from the side of your cheek. This is accomplished by lightly rubbing up and down on the inside of your cheek with the swab. Most DNA home testing kits come with full color brochures to show you how this is done.

Step 3

Mail your sample. Included in the DNA home testing kit is an envelope to put your sample in. You then simply drop it in the mail.

Step 4

Get your results. The company that you decide to work with will conduct the testing process at their laboratories and notify you immediately of the results. Most companies get the results of your DNA test back to you within three to five business days after they receive the sample.

The entire procedure takes only minutes and is made to be simple.

These companies are quick to point out that home DNA test results for paternity are not suitable for court. But again, those interested in DNA testing at home should be doing it for their piece of mind. It is no longer necessary to make your business known to anyone but yourself. DNA home testing can give you piece of mind that is fast, reliable and easy.

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