How To Persuade People with Subconscious Techniques

Persuasion is an art form that is often practiced by the lowest sales people and con artists. If you want to find out how they do it or you want to learn the techniques yourself, there is good news. You can learn to persuade people with subconscious techniques that allow you to exercise your influence without applying force. Follow these steps to practice several techniques.

  1. Pay attention to your audience. Each person has different triggers and things that matter to them. In order to be persuasive you need to understand your target. Watch and listen to them so that you can pick up on their cues.
  2. Set a positive tone. People are attracted to things that make them feel safe, secure and happy. They want to feel special so if you are trying to convince them to purchase something, then it helps if you make them see the items as something that will make them feel positive. In setting this tone you aren't stating the obvious such as telling them that the cell phone or new sofa will make them feel safer. Instead what you are doing is telling a story or showing an image that brings forth these feeling in your target without being outwardly verbalized.
  3. Give a little. Stephen Covey calls this form of persuasion the Win-Win situation. He suggests that persuasion can be effective when both parties achieve a goal. To do this you can offer something or give a gift. Your target may subconsciously feel the need to reciprocate so they don't feel guilt.
  4. Create similarities. On the subconscious level we want to do business and spend time with people who are like us. To build rapport with your target start to mirror or mimic without being obvious. Copy his or her subtle body language and/or speech patterns. Slow your voice to match the person you are speaking with or consider lowering the volume and tone to match the person you are speaking with. Consider finding something you share in common such as pets, family, friends, sports teams, a town you are familiar with or even the school you went to. By listening you can find areas where you can create a commonality.
  5. Speak with confidence. People simply trust confident people. If you sound sure of what you are saying, listeners will believe you subconsciously even when they have not built a trust relationship with you. When the listener believes you, they are more likely to be persuaded by your words.

These techniques may seem obvious but what they are is time test techniques for the art of persuasion. Follow these steps and you can use these subtle behaviors to persuade the subconscious of almost any listener.


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