How To Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

A couple’s 25th wedding anniversary is a big event. Not many couples are lucky enough to be awarded the silver especially in today’s times. It is a cause for celebration, so a party is just what the couple deserves for their momentous milestone. Tasked to plan a 25th wedding anniversary party? Take note of these suggestions.

  • Consult the couple. Unless it is a surprise party, you need to consult the couple on what type of party they want to have. An intimate party or a full-blown celebration? How many guests would they like to invite? Where do they want to hold the party? This will give you an idea of the scope of the celebration.
  • Identify the budget. Find out how much the couple is willing to spend for the shindig. Often, it is the children who shoulder the party. But no matter who foots the bill, there should be a clear limit as to how much money should go to the event.
  • Select the theme. 25th wedding anniversary parties are not usually themed parties. They are often formal events. However, the happy couple may just want to have fun!  There is no rule that says wedding anniversary parties have to be black tie events. Discuss with them possible themes for the party. The theme should match their personalities. If they are animal lovers, a safari theme is appropriate. An English garden party would be great for hopeless romantics.
  • Choose a venue. Big parties are usually held in a hotel or restaurant with a large banquet hall. Other venues are a botanical garden, a church courtyard, the country club or even the local park. For smaller gatherings, you can have it in a restaurant or someone’s home. The venue is determined by the number of people the couple expects to attend.
  • Select the menu. Determine who the caterer for the party will be. Consequently, find out what the couple would like to serve. If necessary, choose a menu that will match the theme of the party. Schedule when the food tasting will be held so you can make arrangements with the couple.
  • Select the cake. No wedding anniversary should be without a cake. The cake, just like the food, should be the choice of the couple. You can have a replica of their original cake made or have a totally different design. Have the couple sample various cake flavors from which they can choose. Make sure to order a cake that will be enough for all the guests if you plan to serve the wedding cake. Otherwise, order cupcake versions of the cake for the guests.
  • Prepare the wedding invitations. Have the couple approve the design and layout of the wedding invitations. Send out save-the-date cards to make sure that the guests can already reserve the date of the party.
  • Identify the other details of the anniversary party. Choose a band that can play the couple’s favorite tunes, prepare the wedding tokens and giveaways, and find a marriage officiant if the couple plans to renew their vows. Iron out all the necessary details regarding the anniversary party.

In planning a 25th wedding anniversary party, the couple’s involvement is important. After all, the event is all about them. However, sometimes, it’s the children of the couple who takes the lead. Whoever is involved in the planning, make sure that instructions are clear, ideas have been approved and details are ironed out. This is one way to ensure that the silver wedding anniversary party will truly be a success.


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