How To Plan a Family Reunion

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Planning a family reunion is a fun activity. Although the most crucial part is confirming the attendance of each and every family member, still holding one is something to look forward to. Given that erratic schedules seem to be the problem most of the time; it is not unusual to hold family gatherings during birthdays, holidays, weddings, baptismal, among others.

But what if a family member appoints you to plan the family reunion? Are you ready for the challenge or are you going to back out? It may sound alarming but as a matter of fact planning and organizing this big event is pleasurable. Here are few suggestions that you should memorize by heart when planning one.

The Date - Check the calendar of possible dates that you can hold a family gathering; whether on long weekends, Christmas holiday, thanksgiving, or summer vacations. Confirm also with your family members and relatives if they are free on that date. If majority of your clan is available on that occasion, set that date and inform everyone the soonest possible time so they can block it for the family reunion.

The Venue - Where do you plan to hold it? Are you considering restaurants, hotels, private pools, beach clubs, or clubhouse? Another alternative is your family’s ancestral house or your relative’s residence. Just don’t forget to consider the location as well. Ensure that every family member is accessible to the place or make arrangements if the venue is quite far away. If everybody approves of the setting, don’t forget to make the reservations too.

Invitees - You know your family and your closest relatives but aren’t you forgetting anyone else. Do you plan of inviting a distant relative, second or third degree cousins, and other relatives you haven’t seen for awhile? If you are not sure who are the people to invite, consult your family members or your elder folks.

Budget - In case that your family reunion is going to be held in a fancy restaurant, hotel, or private villa, do you take note of how much each person is willing to spend? Or are they willing to spend at all? If budget is no excuse and some of your family members are willing to contribute for a certain amount, then you do not have any problem. But what if a family member doesn’t have enough budget for this occasion, what are the resolutions?

Ask help - You are not a machine to be in-charge with all the planning. You can ask help from your aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, and even your parents to delegate some task. If you think that your whole family can help you with all the preparations, then why not consider your family being the host of the event. This will lead to the idea of a yearly family get-together and choosing the next host for that occasion.

Activities - Pictionary, charade, dominos, among others are amusing games and is enjoyed of all ages.  Get rid of old-fashioned and usual get-together activities and incorporate entertainment and for sure everyone will have a memorable time.


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