How To Plan a Murder Mystery Birthday Party

A murder mystery game can add more excitement and fun to any birthday party. There are several kits that you can get from specialty shops to suit a birthday party for children, teenagers and adults. Check the tips below for clues on how to plan a murder mystery birthday party.

  1. Decide on a main character based on the interest of the person who is going to have a birthday party. Make them a more recent murder-mystery story so that costumes are readily available. Shop around for the kits that will go with the character/s and place an order. You have to do this way in advance to give yourself time to be familiar with the character, the theme and story and the rules of the game prior to sending out invitations.
  2. Read the suggestions that come with the kit in terms of costumes, decorations and favors as well as ideas for invitations. Order the appropriate invitations or make them yourself using simple greeting card software. Choose classic fonts to keep with the theme. Include information about the murder mystery story and costume suggestions.
  3. Prepare a menu befitting the occasion if this is within your budget or plan for a kid-friendly menu that are all-time favorites. Have plenty of pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and cake. Order a cake that has a murder mystery theme. Keep a steady supply of water and fruit juices.
  4. Prior to the party, dress up the venue. Choose decorations that fit the time and occasion in which the story took place for more authenticity. Place the decorations and hide the clues where they can be “disguised” and can blend with the other party fare. Prepare each character description and hand them out to the guests. It will help if you have drawn out a list of party attendees and have assigned them a character each. Give them time to go into character before the game begins. Some can be assigned as suspects, others will be party guests. Choose one to be the killer and one to be the victim. A butler should also be present. The killer and the victim should be sworn to secrecy.
  5. According to the rules of the game, each one will be assigned tasks which they should complete before they can be given directions to look for the clues to move to the next scene in the story. Prepare to be the host and emcee to move the story along faster. Keep the story short and fast-paced with enough mystery injected in between to keep the players from getting bored. Children have short attention span and the story might break down halfway as participants begin to lose interest. Include some scavenger hunting within the story, where children can find clues and a small prize to build up momentum.
  6. The theme should also extend to party favors. A pen and blank notebook, a magnifying glass or a small flashlight are good party favors consider. Add some candies and other sweets to these.
  7. Give the party goers a souvenir photograph to commemorate their sleuthing. Prepare hand made picture frames that look like newspaper clippings for a truly authentic murder mystery party theme.

Planning a murder mystery birthday party nowadays is easier with the availability of kits, decorations and information to suit any age. Plan a party based on your child’s and guests’ interest. Make it simple, easy and fun.


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