How To Plan a NASCAR-Theme Birthday Party

Being one of the most loved sports, NASCAR has become a favorite birthday party theme. Many boys, particularly, are talking their parents into throwing a NASCAR-themed birthday party for them. If your child is one of these boys, there is no reason you should beg off. Organizing a NASCAR-themed birthday party is fairly easy, especially since you can have lots of creative ideas to explore. In fact, you can consider the planning guideline below.

  1. Make a guest list. The first thing you need to do is list all your invitees. This is because your number of guests will determine how much you will spend, the quantity of food to prepare, the number of party favors and invitations, and the size of the party venue. Remember to include all the parents in your headcount.
  2. Prepare your invitations. You can opt to call your invitees one by one, but remember that kids love to receive party invitations. So invitations should be part of your priority list. There are lots of invitation ideas you can consider. For instance, you can print multiple copies of your child’s favorite car with all the party details printed on each of them. You can also make trophy invitations. If you like to make things easy, order NASCAR party invitations from a local party supply store. Of course, this is an added cost.
  3. Secure a good party venue. The party venue should be specifically roomy. Remember, kids are naturally playful, so you need to give them enough space to run and move around. If you have money to spare, consider renting a party hall. If you are low on budget, consider holding the party in a spacious area in your house. Garden is a perfect venue.
  4. Decorate the venue. Once the kids set foot in the venue, they should immediately feel the NASCAR atmosphere. So take time to decorate your party venue. You can have black and white balloons in the venue or post racing cars on all walls. To make the party more festive, try printing pictures of NASCAR drivers and hang them like banners. Let the kids feel like they are in a real race by giving plastic helmets to boys and pompoms to girls. For added appeal, use miniature cars or trophies as table centerpieces.
  5. Create a NASCAR-themed menu. Some kids are hard to feed, so you really have to put some effort in creating your menu. To remain true to your NASCAR theme, you can serve finger foods. But don’t forget to consider the food's nutritional value. Although it is a party, serving nutritious foods is still a priority.
  6. Prepare games. Games are the life of kiddie parties. Therefore, make sure you have lots of prepared games. Relays are a good choice. You can ask the kids to form two groups and race to the finish line while passing checkered flags to each team member. Charades, which will require the kids to act out and guess NASCAR drivers and objects, are also exciting games.

Make your child and your guests extra happy by giving out NASCAR-themed party favors and loot bags. For party favors, you can give miniature cars, stickers, and caps. Loot bags, on the other hand, should be filled with lots of candies and small toys.


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