How To Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Not everyone loves surprises, but most people appreciate just the simple thought put behind the planning of a surprise party for their birthday. The success of a surprise birthday party, however, will still rely a lot on how well you organize it. Here are a few simple tips to follow to make sure that the party you are organizing becomes a happy event for everyone attending it:

  1. Budget your money. It’s always good to start by knowing how much money you have to spend. If you have a low budget and only plan a simple get-together, then you can probably choose accomplices from your friends who can help you by providing the food and drinks, the party space, or by becoming the entertainment, and there might be no need for you to purchase or rent anything. If you have something saved up or if several of your friends or family have pitched in, you might have the liberty to plan something bigger.
  2. Plan early. This involves asking for help from people you can trust with the secret. Picking who your accomplices are is very important, since doing everything on your own might ultimately be disastrous for the party you’re planning, and too hectic for you. Friends can give you helpful input. They might have some really good ideas for a party which will help make it a success. They can help you in choosing which cake to buy and in storing the decorations and party supplies and setting them up when they’re needed, and can also send some of the invitations for you. It’s nice to plan the party with other people, but be sure to involve no one in the planning who might leak something to the person you want to surprise.
  3. Pick a date on which you’re sure the guest of honor is free. There’s no meaning if the person you want to surprise can’t come to his own party, so be sure that you pick a date that is convenient not just for your guests or for yourself, but for your guest of honor. Also, be sure to come up with some strategy to make the person come to the place of the party without being aware that he’s actually about to attend a party organized for him. You can usually accomplish this with the help of one of the person’s close friends.
  4. Make a guest list. This will make it easier to estimate how much space, food and drinks you need to account for. Give the guests a discreet invite by sending them cards or even an email. Be sure to let them know that what you’re planning is a surprise birthday party, and demand everyone’s absolute secrecy.
  5. Work out the details of the party. You might want to pick a theme, especially if what you’re planning is a kid’s party. Liven the atmosphere with balloons and keep music playing in the background. Reserve everything you need beforehand, and check with the bakery if you’re having a cake delivered. Remember that you want to make this a pleasant surprise for the honoree, so try to have everything in order for the party. You should be able to accommodate for changes though, since accidents can sometimes happen and you might find yourself without a cake or your cousin’s promised music system, for example. Just be creative and resourceful with what you have.

Follow these steps and you will make sure that everyone, especially the one celebrating his or her birthday, is having fun.


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