How To Plan an Intimate Valentine's Day Party

Who says you have to be attached to enjoy a Valentine’s Day party? It’s not in any rulebook, is it? So then go ahead, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this day of hearts and sweethearts by gathering all your closest friends, all unattached of course, and have a red hot party.

Here’s how to plan an intimate Valentine’s Day Party.

  1. Choose friends who know each other. From your group of friends, pick those who already know each other really well, as in, those who can be in one room and have a great time with everyone else present.
  2. Keep the party small. As suggested, this should be an intimate party and rightly so since Valentine’s Day is already such a big deal of an event, keeping it intimate means you don’t have to match the stress with an already demanding day. Besides, it’s not even a holiday so everyone will definitely be coming straight to the party from work – that includes the party hostess. Unless Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, it will be smart to keep the guest list down to a realistic number.
  3. Make sure everyone in your guest list is single. Completely unattached, please. There’s nothing more off-putting then couples treating your party that you painstakingly put together like a stopover before going off to a romantic date. It’s a party so everyone must stay, enjoy, and leave when everyone else does. Ergo, every single one of your friends invited must be just that…Single.
  4. Prepare to send out your invitations. Since everyone in your guest list lives near you (no sense inviting anyone out of state unless they happen to be in town that night), prepare your invitations and hand-carry these to your friends. Make heart-shaped cutouts from thick paper similar to the cards passed around when you were 7 or 12 years old at elementary school. You may also choose to purchase your invitations if you prefer.
  5. Ask your friends to confirm their attendance. In your invitation, specifically ask your friends to let you know if they can make it to your party. They can confirm through text or email. This will give you the headcount that you need for the venue, food, and drink.
  6. Amplify the décor at home. Go big with your intimate Valentine’s Day party be decorating your home prom style. Big, shiny pink and red balloons, pink and red roses, some strategically placed candles, and at least one banner.
  7. Prepare the menu. It would be easier for you to prepare a themed-menu. Japanese, Indian, or Chinese fare, perhaps? Or in keeping with the prom-style theme, you can plan your menu around food that you loved back then? Then again, if you have the budget, have your food catered so you won’t have to slave away on the kitchen. The idea is to have filling, simple food that everyone will love.
  8. Have lots of champagne. The bubbly really gets the party going. Buy lots of champagne and keep these chilled until the guests arrive.
  9. Serve dessert. Everyone loves chocolate so have a fondue-styled dessert with lots of fresh fruits for dipping into the chocolate sauce. Yum!
  10. Play dance music. Keep it danceable but low so that your guests don’t have to shout above the din to be heard. When it’s time to dance, turn it up. Do not play any of the mushy love songs.

Lastly, ask your guests to come dressed in something red. It’s going to elicit a lot of ribbing but it’s Valentine’s Day so it makes sense to paint it red.


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