How To Plan Senior Citizen Party Activities and Games

Senior citizens love to have fun! They like to get together for parties and engage in games and other activities. However, they cannot enjoy the same games that they were used to many moons ago. Many of them have health challenges that you have to take into consideration when organizing party activities and games for their age group.

Planning the party

Below are some tips as well as games and activities that you can incorporate in a party attended by senior citizens.

  • Find out what the party is all about. Is it to mark a special event in one senior citizen’s life (birthday or anniversary) or is it a group party (group birthday party, Christmas party, Halloween event, Spring soiree, etc)? Knowing what is being celebrated will allow you to come up with a theme for the party.
  • Determine the venue for the party. The event can be celebrated in a house, in a restaurant, at the park or in the recreation hall of the senior citizen’s center. The venue will dictate some of the types of activities and games that you can have. For example, if the venue is small, you may not have space for a band or an area to dance or move around.
  • Know the physical limitations of the attendees. If you have party goers on wheel chairs, then that can limit some of their movements. Having a number of hearing-impaired attendees means you have to alter some games or activities that require you to call out numbers like Bingo for instance. Some games involve food. Make sure you use food items that the attendees are not allergic to or are not bad for their health.
  • Ask what the group is interested in. If you have a chance, you should find out from the attendees themselves what type of games they would want to play. Welcome suggestions from them. After all, they will be the ones playing the games or performing the activities.

Suggested activities and games

  • Karaoke. This is a fun activity for any age. Make sure to get karaoke tunes that the senior citizens are familiar with. Have a good combination of ballads and fast numbers. You can even turn it into an impromptu singing contest and have the senior citizens themselves do the judging. Don’t forget to give the winner a prize.
  • Hot Potato variation. This is a game wherein a hot potato (which can actually be any item) is passed from one person to the next while a song is playing. When the song stops, the person holding the hot potato has to take out a piece of paper from a container. He does what is written on the paper (usually a silly action) then sits down. The game continues with the remaining players until only one player is left standing. The last player wins a prize.
  • Modified treasure hunt. Group the senior citizens in two’s or more. Each group has a list of items to look for around the venue. The first group to find all the items on the list wins a prize.

There are many, many more games and activities that senior citizens will truly enjoy. There’s Bingo, Name that Tune, Trivia Games, Guess Who, Card Games and even simple arts and crafts. What is important is that you choose the games and activities that will interest the group and will not be too difficult for them to do. If you choose the right games and activities, they will surely look forward to the next senior citizen party!


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