How To Practice Nudity in Your Family

A lot of the draw towards nudity in the media today stems from its censorship from a young age. From the time he is small, a child is taught that nudity is taboo, that clothes are always necessary, and that anything hidden or covered is private. Children are taught that nudity is not acceptable and these children then grow to become adults who have a fetish for the naked body. You can stop the effects of this modern trend away from nudity by bringing up your children in a healthy nudist environment. Your children will come to appreciate the naked body for more than just a sexual icon. You can do this by learning how to practice nudity in your family.

Step 1

Encourage nudity at home. Children are not born with the understanding of modesty. That is something that parents engrain in children from a very young age. In order to practice nudity in your family, you will need to help your children to understand that nudity is acceptable.  More so, your children will need to understand that nakedness is just part of life, and they should see nothing wrong or taboo with the act of going unclothed. Children should not feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when they're naked so ensure that healthy nudity is accepted and encouraged within your home.

Step 2

Make nudity seem natural. From the time your children are born, you should let them see you in your natural form. That is, let your child see you doing some things unclothed - bathing, dressing, using the washroom or just relaxing. You will convey the message to your child that nudity is a natural way of being and is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Of course, you will need to teach your children that clothing is necessary in certain situations (so you can fit in with societal norms or be shielded from the weather). 

Step 3

Make nudity convenient. Once your children start to grow into their toddler years, you can encourage the practice of nudity in your family by allowing children to go bare while they are potty training. While this may lead to a few accidents, bare potty training will quickly teach your child the need to use the toilet. As well, if you live in a warm or arid climate, you can  practice nudity in your family during the hotter seasons and this will save you major money on air conditioning. You can also teach your children how to save money and energy this way.

Step 4

Practice nudity together. The best way to teach your children to value nudity is to practice it as a family. You can do this by going nude as a family around the home. If you have an activity or a focal point that your family can participate in together, this will reinforce your nudist values within your children. A swimming pool, hot tub or sauna are excellent spots where the whole family can come together to practice nudity.


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