How To Prepare a Romantic Dinner for Two

For your next special occasion as a couple, why not prepare a romantic dinner for two at home? There’s no need to wait for a table or compete for your waiter’s attention during the rushed dinner crowd. Enjoy the quiet privacy of your own home and set your own mood.

Here’s how to prepare a romantic dinner for two.

  1. If you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry. You have some options. Have your favorite restaurant deliver your dinner and just plate it yourself. Styrofoam packaging is not sexy. Just don’t pick pizza or Chinese food that is too casual. Go for Italian or some grilled food items. You can always pair it up with items you made yourself, such as soup from a can or some buttered vegetable sidings.
  2. If you’re willing to try, look up some easy recipes from cookbooks or online sites. Pasta is always an easy choice. It’s filling, delicious, yet easy to prepare. For meat, roast some chicken breasts. Buy a bag of pre packaged salad and use your favorite dressing. Don’t serve items that can get stuck between your teeth like corn, or will be too messy to eat, such as crab.
  3. Plate your items beautifully. Use parsley for garnish. Transfer any sauces or dressing in pretty ceramic bowls or containers. It will make your dish a feast for the eyes no matter how simple it is. Place dinner rolls in a small basket covered in a napkin and pre cut little squares of butter, just like in the restaurant.
  4. Chill a bottle of your favorite wine. If you’re celebrating, make it champagne. Set the corresponding stemware for it.
  5. For dessert, make sure it’s not complicated and will require you to be in he kitchen for a chunk of time. It has to be fast and easy. A quick, easy and sexy dessert is chocolate fondue. Melt equal parts semi sweet chocolate and dark chocolate in a pot over low flame. Add in half a cup of cream and a teaspoon of butter. It takes just a few minutes to melt and mix everything. Transfer to a small fondue pot and serve with fresh whole strawberries. It is up to you to get creative with the leftover chocolate sauce!
  6. Set the mood. Clean the house. Clutter is not sexy. No romantic dinner is without candlelight so dim the lights and bring out the candles. Use your nice linens and bring out the fine china and silverware. Create a luxurious atmosphere by using the best of what you have. Set the table for two.
  7. Arrange for a sitter away from your home. If you have children, have them spend the night at a friend’s house for a sleepover, or stay at grandma’s. You want privacy.
  8. Play some soft music. Play your favorite love songs or soothing classical music. Put phones on silent.
  9. Complete your preparations by preparing the bedroom as well. Place fresh sheets and if you like, go the extra step and scatter rose petals on the pillows. If your romantic dinner is a success, hopefully that’s where you’ll end up!

Keep your partner’s preferences in mind when getting ready. Serve his favorites and make it a date. Preparing a romantic dinner for two is a sure way to spice up any relationship.


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