How To Prepare for a High School Reunion

High school reunion can be an exciting activity for those who graduated more than ten years ago, since by that point most classmates have lost contact, and the idea of meeting them again after a decade is exciting. But getting in touch with them is the first challenge. Here are some ideas on planning for a high school reunion:

  1. Look for your old high school yearbook and check whether your classmates’ contact details are included. Some yearbooks do not have contact details, but it is still a good place to start.
  2. Check your school’s alumni association records. These records are usually updated yearly, and information on every alumnus includes his current business address and contact number, email address and home address. Start sending letters to those whose addresses you can get hold of. You can also ask the help of the school’s administration to allow you to put up signs at the school announcing your year's high school reunion. There is a possibility that some of your old classmates still live around the neighborhood.
  3. Keep in touch with old classmates through social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. What is good about Facebook is that you are encouraged to use your full name, so searching for people is easier – you just type in your classmate’s full name and search results will show all Facebook accounts with that name.
  4. Put up a website specifically for your high school year and announce your upcoming reunion. Send out email messages, post shout outs at social networking sites, and provide a link to your high school class' web page.
  5. Announce the reunion through radio stations. They usually allow listeners and audiences to request the DJ make some announcements for free, just like asking them to greet your friends on the radio. You should have an idea which radio station your classmates would listen to. If you have the funds, you can have paid ads in newspapers announcing your upcoming reunion, and details on how to get in touch with the one who is in charge of organizing the event.
  6. Organize meetings to plan the activities for your reunion, and to talk about the work that needs to be done, like contacting more classmates, and raising funds for the event. These meetings should be regular until before the date of the reunion. It may be necessary to have a set of “officers”, like in the old days, so setting up the whole event will be more organized. It is best to agree on a definite date, preferably vacation time, for the reunion party. Most reunions are set during December holidays or summer time.
  7. Delegate tasks to the appropriate person. If one classmate is working as a journalist, then he can be in charge of letting the others know about the reunion by writing about it in a column. This is the chance to make good use of each other’s expertise and network of friends and business acquaintances.


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