How To Prepare for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Conceiving a child is the greatest gift bestowed upon a woman, and the initial and the final periods are the most critical phases in a pregnancy. This is true especially of the third trimester of pregnancy - a period which can be emotionally and physically challenging for all mothers-to-be, since the position and size of your baby may become hard to handle! It is at this stage that you will feel frustrated and anxious for the due date to arrive soon, so you can get done with it! There is also the fear of complications as you approach the due date, causing moments of stress and agony. Trying to relax and staying positive will help you look forward to the end of this memorable phase! Listed below are a few tips that will help you understand what to expect in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Months seven, eight and nine…

During the seventh month, common symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, general aches and pains, faintness, etc, are noticeable. You will feel hindered by your expanding abdomen, have sleepless nights and have a huge appetite! It is during this time that women are encouraged to think about their choice of pediatrician and which form of birth plan will be the best to choose.

During the eighth month, expecting mothers need to start visiting their gynecologists twice a month. This is to closely monitor the baby’s progress and get any required tests immediately done. This is also the time when mothers-to-be are most vulnerable and have crazy mood swings! Keeping your cool and doing de-stressing exercises will help you calm your nerves.

Attending programs related to childbirth is another important task to take up at this stage to gain more knowledge on childbirth and finalize on your birth plan. Most women who’ve had prior pregnancies may experience ‘Braxton Hicks contractions’ along with regular backaches and pain in the rib area. Changing positions constantly will help you relax with this kind of discomfort.

The ninth and the final month tends to get really critical, because the wait for the due date feels like a never ending process. Some women are totally excited about looking forward to their delivery date and getting their bodies back into shape, while others tend to stress out more because of the ‘fear of labor’. Carefully thinking over your birth plan, choice of pediatrician, circumcision (in case of a male child) and deciding if the mother will bottle feed or breastfeed the baby, can keep the fears at bay during the ninth month!

Know your body and manage your emotions

You will experience different kinds of pain within your body as the baby grows. His or her movements get obvious and give you exciting sensations along with a lot of discomfort! Backaches, the most common pain issue in pregnant women, occur because your baby’s weight increases every month. Placing a foot on a stool, box or step while standing can help balance your body and ease the pain. Some of the other symptoms are shortness of breath, spider and varicose veins, heartburn, frequent urination, continued breast growth, weight gain etc.  

Removing negativity from your emotions should be your first priority. To stay calm, think about the loving human being you will hold after this is over! Writing your thoughts down in a journal, taking pictures of your belly so that you can show them to your baby someday, and talking to your baby are some tasks you can concentrate on to avoid negativity.

Last but not the least, regular and prompt check-ups will assure you a safe and happy moment on the final day! Imagine all the pain and stress you carry for nine long months and at the end of it, you are holding a tiny human being! Aren’t all the pain, discomfort and effort worth it? Surely, you will agree.


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