How To Present Yourself

One of the best ways to make a great impression to someone is to present yourself well.  It can make leave a lasting impression of yourself to someone if you present yourself well.  Many people don't take pride in how they act, walk or talk.  All this is your personal presentation and something people look at when judging you.  Everyone has heard that first impressions are everything.  Well one way to leave a great first impression is to properly present yourself.

Step 1

Posture.  How you physically carry yourself is going to be one of the firs things someone notices.  Its important to have correct posture and not be a slouch.  Carry yourself tall by holding your head high and keeping your shoulders up. 

Step 2

Clothing.  Everyone knows the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover."  Well everyone does, and it's important to have a good cover.  Clothing is very important, and something that should come easily.  You don't have to wear expensive clothes but just be properly dressed.  Wear clean clothes that don't have holes in them, and that look presentable or at least not noticeable.

Step 3

Speech.  When you are talking with someone for the first time, be clear when you speak.  Don't mumble or use slang words that they might not understand.  Be crisp and allow the person you are speaking with to understand what you are saying and enjoy the conversation.

Step 4

Eye contact.  Making the correct amount of eye contact when speaking with someone is important.  You do not want to stare them down too much, but you also don't want to avoid eye contact altogether.  Make good eye contact and make it comfortable for them as well. 

Remember you may not have another chance to prove yourself to someone.  Make sure you work on the first time and present yourself properly. 

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