How To Propose

Popping the question to the girl of your dreams may be the most monumental event in a man's life. To do it properly you need to plan ahead so you can make it special for both you and the woman you love. Follow these steps so you can propose with style.

  1. Plan ahead. The spontaneous proposal may seem romantic but it usually isn't a story you will want to tell your children. If you feel the desire to pop the question after a moment of passion, you might want to think twice. Your girl might appreciate it more if you put thought into your proposal so make a plan.
  2. Know your girl. Take some time to think about your woman and what would appeal to her before you propose. Is she the type to enjoy the traditional? Or is she more bohemian? Knowing your girl will help you to plan the best proposal for her. Pay attention to her hints and conversations about her friends. Often a woman has one or more girlfriends who know her proposal dream so listen when the women talk to each other for hints about what she wants.
  3. Try the traditional. For the traditional and romantic woman, you have some classic steps to follow. Set a romantic stage with flowers, candlelight and her favorite smooth music. Take her someplace romantic such as a romantic restaurant, a cozy picnic or a sail along the closest waterway. There are plenty of romantic and traditional ways to get down on one knee.
  4. Tailor your proposal. The more personal the proposal, the more romantic it can be. Choose the picnic for your casual girl who loves the outdoors and the sail for the water-loving woman. If you need a free spirited idea for your special girl, consider proposing at the top of a mountain climb or barefoot on the beach at sunset. Make the proposal suit the girl.
  5. Set the scene. No matter what location you choose, you want to set the scene for romance. Pick flowers for the picnic and bring the appropriate meal and wine. Or choose a restaurant with the shadowed moodiness for romance.
  6. Tell her how you feel. When proposing marriage don't get caught up in the plan and forget the most important part. When asking for her hand, you need to let her know how you feel. Tell her you love her, adore her and respect her. Before expecting her to respond with her own feelings of love, offer yours.
  7. Ask the question. If you are nervous about proposing, don't let the nerves and tension help you botch your proposal. Remember to ask not assume or order her to marry you. Ask. The girl wants the chance to smile sweetly in your direction and say "Yes".

Proposing marriage might be a scary proposition but if you have a plan and love, you will do just fine. Make the woman the focus of your plan and propose in a manner that suits her style. You will both be pleased with the result.


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