How To Put On a Condom

The Correct Way to Use a Condom

Holding a condom
I can't overstress the importance of protecting yourself these days, from learning self defense to taking a first aid course or, most of all, using a condom. Here, we'll discuss the latter. Many people simply don't know the correct way to use them, and that can lead to accidents or unnecessary time lost during those intimate moments.

I also want to stress that the purpose of a condom is not just for birth control, though it does help. A condom serves as the barrier between your bodily fluids and those of your partner(s). The condom is an important line of defense against venereal diseases. Be aware, though, that you can't depend solely on the mighty condom. Please talk to your family doctor to get the facts and further advice to be more informed. Without further ado, here is how to put on a condom.

  1. Safety first. Store your condoms where they aren't exposed to extreme heat, moisture, or cold, and where they aren't exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lights. Also, condoms don't last forever. If they are old, you can bet they aren't as strong as new ones. If you find that your condoms are sticky or brittle, damaged, or if the package is ruptured, do not use them. Make an excuse and run to the drug store for some fresh ones!
  2. Which way does the condom go? When you take the condom out of the package, your condom will be rolled up. In the dark, this can be a bit inconvenient, but use your sense of touch...a lubricated condom will not have lubrication on the inside. Also, they are always rolled out, meaning that the machine used for packaging rolled the rim of the condom up on the outside, as in the diagram below:
  3. Get the air out. Rest the inside of the rolled condom against the tip of your erect penis. Squeeze the nipple at the end to remove any air. The nipple is where the semen is collected when you ejaculate. If you leave air inside of it, a bubble is created that may produce embarrassing noises and squeaks, or cause discomfort for your partner.
  4. Roll down the condom. While pinching the nipple at the end, use your other hand to unroll the condom down the shaft of your penis as far as it will go. If you use condoms on a regular basis, it really helps to keep your pubic hair closely trimmed, which keeps the hair from getting pulled. You don't want that pain.
  5. Removal of the condom.
    After you have ejaculated, and while you are still erect, remove the
    condom and dispose of it properly.
  6. Just to make sure... There is a reason a box of condoms contains more than one. Be considerate -- make sure your partner is fully satisfied and use the others. Repeat steps 2 through 5!


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