How To Remain Faithful when Traveling

Managing Your Mind on the Long Journeys

Once I was going to Brasilia to study about air safety with some people from the Air Force. It was a long journey inside a bus because the Navy did not give air passage for everybody (it´s funny -- I was going to study about air safety but using bus to the class!). It had been a long time since my last travels by bus; normally I travel with the Navy’s helicopters, but not this special time, and I knew nobody inside the vehicle. The long drive was scheduled to last 18 hours, which inspired me to read a book. The trip started at 11:30 am and before 7:00 pm I had finished the reading. What to do now? Nothing, other than to watch the boring landscape through the window and look around the bus.

I loosened my belt and, looking for relaxation, my family appeared in my mind and granted me some pleasurable moments. Just for a short time, though, because a terrible imagination invaded my mind: thinking about family, my wife appeared in my mind and, with her, the sexual pleasures we share! Oh God, how can I control my impulses with her so far away and me inside a bus for all the night with many strange people?

Did you ever have a moment like this? It can be very strange sleeping beside somebody unknown... All kinds of thoughts circulated in my mind for all the night and I couldn´t sleep. Fortunately I was seated alone and just the bad ideas were my companions -- not so bad because they inspired me to write this.

If you're a frequent traveler and have ever had unwelcome thoughts like these, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Think about the month´s bills or about the government. But take care, because if you think about these matters excessively, maybe you will become impotent.
  2. Think about funny things or comedians. Thinking about sick people or misfortune is not good because you can start to worry about your family far away.
  3. Try to build friendship. Maybe inside the same bus or airplane there is somebody with the same fears as you. Just getting to know people and talking naturally can help you to attain the relaxation and sleep without a dirty imagination.

Finally I arrived at my destination very tired, but with this funny disturbance in my mind. Keep this short story because something similar may happen with you when you are traveling.

Marcelo Romero de Oliveira

e-mAIL: [email protected]G.COM.BR 


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