How To Remove a Hickey

Love Bites

If you're having great sex, you're probably going to end up with a hickey or two. Of course, if you've just realized that you do have hickeys, it's a good bet that you're frantically searching the internet in hopes of discovering a way to remove those hickeys from your neck. Lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Below are some methods for hickey removal:

  1. Step One: Ice, ice, ice! The first thing you want to do is apply a cold compress to your love bite. A hickey is simply a bruise and like any other bruise, ice will help to reduce the swelling and control the color. Do not keep the ice or cold compress on your body for any longer than twenty (20) minutes at a time.

  2. Girl going out with a boy after kissing himStep Two: Brush it out. One surefire way to help get rid of that hickey is to take a soft toothbrush and slowly and methodically brush the hickey in a circular motion from the innermost part to the outer part of the bruise. Brushing the hickey helps to start up circulation again and although the entire neck area will appear red initially, by brushing the hickey you are speeding up the recovery process. If your neck gets very red, apply a cold compress again.

  3. Step Three: A penny for your hickey. A surefire method (although somewhat painful) for getting rid of a hickey is the coin method. Hold the skin taut and using the edge of a penny slowly scrape it across the hickey. The entire area will appear red and scratched, but it will no longer be bruised like a hickey. The upside is that a scrape on one's neck is easier to explain than a bruise (i.e. A tree scraped me when I was walking outside). Once again, use ice after the coin method to reduce redness and swelling and to speed the healing process.

  4. Step Four: Conceal your work! Although ice and toothbrushes and coins will help to remove your hickey, there will always be residual redness in the area of your love bite. Wear a turtleneck, use concealer, or wear your hair down to ensure that no one can see that you once had a hickey on your neck.

  5. Step Five: Be smarter next time! Remember how difficult it can be to remove a hickey and think twice about receiving or giving love bites in the future. While it feels nice at the time, the aftermath can be quite embarrassing. Good luck!


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