How To Repair an Umbrella

An umbrella is a must-have for those who are living in a state or country where rain is common. Since an umbrella acts as a shield from the heavy rains, it should be strong enough to withstand the impact of wind. In case that umbrella of yours was not able to survive the storm without any “battle scar” like broken spoke, broken stem or torn canopy, do not throw the umbrella away. You can still fix the umbrella as long as you take time to do it. You do not really need to be expert to fix an umbrella. Just gather the right materials, bring a little of your threading, sit it down and read the steps below to mend your broken umbrella.

  • Attach the loose fabric to the end of the spoke. The most common problem in an umbrella is when the fabric comes loose at the end of the spoke. One of the causes is the thread that binds the spoke and the fabric tears apart. All you need is a needle, nylon thread and amateur stitching skills. You can use other thread as long as it is water resistant. Now, fold the end of the loose fabric but make sure that the tension in the fabric is not too tight for the umbrella when it is opened. At the tip on both sides of the spoke or the cap that covers the spoke, you will see a hole. Bind the fabric to the spoke or cap by stitching through the hole, over and under the fabric. Check the other spokes to see how the stitch was done, then do the same. Secure the stitch by tying a knot.
  • Put together the broken stem. Due to strong winds, the stem of an umbrella can crack and separate into two pieces. Go to a hardware, craft or hobby store and ask for an adhesive that can be used to glue the stem of the umbrella. Factors to consider in buying an adhesive are strength and moisture resistance. Apply the first layer of the adhesive, let it dry, then apply a second layer. This should do the trick. However, for long term purposes, you can use a wire to strengthen the metal stem from the outside.
  • A torn canopy can be fixed with patch. A fabric canopy has a wide variety of patches available in the market. All you have to do is select the proper color, buy a nylon thread and needle then sew it up. Make sure that the patch is securely stitched on the top of the canopy to keep rain from getting through the patch. Do not forget that you have to choose the water resistant fabric for the patch. Plastic canopy, on the other hand, does not require needle and thread. You can purchase adhesive patches of the same kind and color in sports shop or recreation shops.

If you have doubts in your skill, you can always ask the experts to guide you. Or if you lack the time and the patience, there are shops that offer repair services like umbrella repair. It does not cost much. But if you think you can spare some time and you feel like you cannot trust anybody with your precious umbrella, then go ahead and do it yourself.


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