How To Romantically Propose to Your Girlfriend

Since time immemorial it has been a woman’s dream to receive a romantic proposal, with all the trimmings. It just makes their heart melt when the guy goes all out to set the stage for a romantic proposal. Dinner, wonderful music, special venue, flowers, wine and of course, the ring, can keep the woman’s heart aflutter. It is a wonderful moment to remember and the precursor for more romantic things to happen later. Guys want to do it right. It is not need to be so elaborate. You should put more thought in getting into know what will make your girlfriend appreciate and be bowled over by your romantic proposal.

  1. Before thinking of how you want to propose, make sure that you meet with your girlfriend’s parents, including grandparents, if possible, and ask for her hand in marriage. Most modern couples forgo this tradition. Remember that the parents and grandparents are from another generation and they will appreciate you more and you can win them over with this gesture. It signifies that you are thinking of them and wants to get their blessings for your union.
  2. Look for the right engagement ring. Make sure that you know what your girlfriend’s preferences are. Although diamond is still the traditional stone for engagement rings, some women prefer to have other stones, or different stones paired with diamonds. Platinum is the more preferred metal nowadays. Have it engraved with a wonderful phrase that embodies how you feel about her.
  3. Seek the help of your girlfriend’s sisters and close friends to find out what is her idea of a romantic proposal. Most girls talk about this since they learned the difference between a male and a female. This can help you a lot as you will have the right assistance to prepare the most romantic proposal that your girlfriend has been dreaming of.
  4. Order a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Proposals and flowers go together. There is something about flowers that can make a woman feel so love. If she is not into flowers, make sure that you know what her other favorite things are and be sure to get it as part of your romantic proposal props.
  5. Look for the right venue where you can have some privacy. It looks and feels more romantic when there’s only the two of you when you propose. Order the food that you both love, dessert and wine. Let the restaurant know that you are going to propose to your girlfriend and ask for suggestions as to the table setting, the right lighting for the table, table location, the food, wine and dessert. Ask if they can have some favorite music to be played during dinner as part of the romantic setting.
  6. Do not go for the overused methods of proposing like dropping the ring inside the wine glass or hiding it inside a slice of cake or ice cream. Go with your gut-feel. Recite a favorite poem or passage from a book that will lead in to your popping the question or giving her a romantic note that says everything you feel about her, and enclose the ring inside the envelope. Take inspiration from what you have learned from your girlfriend’s sisters and friends. Do some research to find out more creative means of proposing. The internet is bursting with ideas for romantic proposals.

Know what makes you and your girlfriend stay together. During the length of time that you were dating there will be a moment that you and her both enjoy, and remember. These can be your clues on how to set the stage to romantically propose to your girlfriend, for a proposal that will be hard to forget.  


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