How To Say Goodbye

Whether you're young or old, dying is never easy to come to terms with. It's hard to come to a realization that you're mortal and that death is inevitable. But at some point, it will happen to all of us.  If you know that your time on this planet is limited, start preparing your friends, your family and yourself for your death. Here are some ways that you can say goodbye to those closest to you.

Step 1

Don't hide it (for too long). If you know that you're going to die, you may not want to bring the same wave of emotions that you're experiencing to your friends and family. You may want to hide your terminal illness or your diagnosis from your friends and family for as long as you can, trying to save them the agony of your passing. But you have to realize that death is inevitable. For some people, it just comes sooner. You can choose to keep your imminent death a secret for a while, but you will eventually need to have an honest talk with your family, including your children. Let them know that in every experience you have with them from now until the end of your life, you'll be saying goodbye in your own way. Give them enough time to say goodbye to you as well.

Step 2

Remain optimistic. You still need to remain positive, even in the shadow of your death. It may be hard, but do it for your friends and family. They are still making memories with you, and you want them to have positive final memories of you. Continue to fight your health battles, and don't fall into the depths of depression about losing the battle. For yourself and for your family, your goodbye needs to be a positive one that everyone gains from.

Step 3

Share your wisdom with anyone who will listen. Few people know what it's like to actually prepare for death and say goodbye. But you've got that understanding now. Share it with others. Share your new-found appreciation for family and loved ones, in the hopes that they'll never take another day together for granted. Use your dying experience to teach others about the miracle of life. Perhaps your ‘goodbye' will inspire people to say ‘hello' to living their lives to the fullest again.

Step 4

Spend your time with those who matter most to you. As death approaches, your time becomes increasingly more valuable. Don't waste a moment of it. Spend your last few weeks and days with your family. Your final goodbyes don't have to be sad either. Use the end of your journey to remind your family and friends how important they were to you. Share some laughs. Share some tears. And don't focus on your death - focus on your life and your love for the most important people in your life.

Step 5

Leave nothing unsaid. When you say goodbye to your friends and family for the final time, you need to go out of this world knowing that you haven't forgotten to tell them anything. Make your peace with everyone around you. Ensure that your family all hears you express your love and pride in them. Say goodbye knowing that you lived your life to the fullest and left nothing unsaid.


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