How To Search for an Adopted Child

No matter how many years have passed, you still cannot change the fact. You have a child. You never cease missing your child and looking for him. Now, you're at the edge of giving up. But don't. There are more ways to look for an adopted child. Maybe you have never tried some of these ways.

First of all, gather all the facts you can about the child such as the hospital where he was born, the date of adoption, attending physician, and the court and organization that handled his adoption. The more information, the better.

After collecting all the data, try the following ways for searching for an adopted child:

  • Country where the child's adoption was finalized. Ask the court for more information about the child, if they can allow that. If you're unlucky, just send the court a letter that you want to be contacted in case your child is looking for you, too. Some courts will not easily give out information to protect the child and his legal parents' privacy. But it's better to take this chance. Who knows, you might just get more information from the court.
  • Sign up in adoption reunion registries. Organizations like the International Soundex Reunion Registry can help you be reunited with your child. Registration is usually free but most of these only allow formal and personal registrations. There are groups allowing online registrations, though. You can check their database and try you luck there.
  • Hire a private investigator. This option may be costly but if your funds permit this, then do so. Usually, hiring a private detective is the last option by many because of the cost. There are less costly ways, anyway. Try your luck with those cheaper ways first.

You are in luck if you know the complete name of your child and where he lives by now. Social networking sites and even search engines can help you reconnect with him. Facebook, for instance, allow searching people by name, location, school, and profession.

Search engines can be of help, too, especially if you know the tricks how. Simply put the name in the search engine field along with the state or country of your child. Check websites with your child's complete name and check if he is the person you are looking for

Sometimes, the search engine and social networking sites are more helpful than the special database online. The latter will only be helpful if your child, or at least someone from his family, is also looking for you. If not, your only choices are those options besides the reunion databases.

Even if you can't find success today, maybe you will in the future. Do not stop believing that you'll soon be reunited with your child. Even if he hates you now, time will come that he will forgive you. Look at other people. They searched for their child for decades and they only got reunited when their child already has his own family, even a grandchild. It's never too late and you'll always have the chance of meeting your child as long as you have hopes.


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