How To Seek Out Your Birth Parents

If you are an adopted child, chances are you will someday want to track down your biological parents and answer the big question, why you were given up for adoption. While some adoptive parents might disagree and refuse to help you in your search, you can give it a try with these suggestions:

  • Talk with your adoptive parents. The first step is to talk to your adoptive parents and assure them that you just want to trace your roots. Some adoptive parents might feel upset or threatened when you go out seeking your real parents, since it will make them feel unimportant after all the years they have raised you as their own. It also brings in fears that you will no longer recognize them as your parents once you find your biological roots.
  • Inquire from the orphanage or home that took you in. Once you have convinced your adoptive parents to tell you where they adopted you, you can ask the administrator of the orphanage for information on your birth parents. While some have a policy of not divulging information, they might have an exception when it is the child himself who wants information. Take note of your biological parents' names, the last place they lived, their photograph, and if possible their profession. It will be easier to track them if you know which industry they worked in. You can also ask about their relatives, and you can start by searching for them.
  • Talk to your adoptive parents' relatives. It is possible that some of your parents' friends and relatives also know about the adoption, and can give you essential information that can lead you to them. Sometimes, it is easier to talk to them about your adoption, because they are not as emotionally attached to you, as compared to your adoptive parents.
  • Hire a professional. If you have money to spend, you can hire a professional detective or a lawyer that can help you contact the appropriate offices for information on the whereabouts of your birth parents. If you have a photograph, the better and faster it will be for the detective to search for your biological parents.
  • Make yourself visible on the web. You can try your luck and start a blog that shows your photo and a bit about your life, and that you are actively looking for your birth parents. However, be wary of identity theft, so take the necessary precautions when providing information and photographs on the net.

Be ready for disappointment. Some reunions do not go as well as expected. You have a lot of questions as an adopted child, and you might not get the answers you expect or want. Be sure you are emotionally ready when your biological parents turn out to be not interested in meeting you. You will have to be forgiving when they tell you they are better off without you. But when your biological parents welcome you warmly, then it is good to keep in touch and assure them that you consider them as family, as much as you do your adoptive family.


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