How To Select a Maternity Portrait Photographer

Expectant mothers always have this urge to make their maternity memorable. They make sure that every development that their baby encounters is captured. Today, one of the fast growing trends among mothers are maternity portraits. It is an artistic and beautiful way of capturing the moments when your baby is still in your womb.

Having a maternity portrait is not like having a “standard photo” from a typical photo shoot. Finding and selecting a maternity portrait photographer is not an easy task. You need to make sure that the photographer is highly trained and is capable of making your photo memorable and magical. If you want to know how to select a good maternity portrait photographer, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Look and ask around for a maternity portrait photographer. If one of your friends had already had their maternity portrait taken, ask them if they recommend the photographer who did her maternity portrait. You can also go and look around for photo studios near your place. Ask them if they do maternity portraits. Make sure that the photographer you will select has done maternity portraits before.
  2. Check if the photographer in your list has a website with photo galleries. If the photographer has a website with photo galleries, check the pictures there. You will be able to determine whether you like the works of photographer or not.
  3. Schedule a consultation from the photographer. Once you find a photographer, ask him for a scheduled portrait consultation. Even if you have seen his work online, you still need samples of the photographer’s work first hand. Ask for some previous work from the photographers. While you are having a consultation, you should also ask how long he has been doing maternity portraits.
  4. Ask for a reference from the photographer. Make sure to ask for references from the photographer. The best way to get references is to ask the photographer if his former clients can give you a reference. You can also ask some of his colleagues and peers. This way, you will know whether the photographer is right for the job or not.
  5. Make sure to select a photographer whom you are comfortable with. Taking maternity photographs are personal sessions. If you are not comfortable with the photographer, there is a big chance that your maternity portrait will not look good. Make sure that you select someone whom you are comfortable working with. Try to assess your comfort level when you go talk to him in person.
  6. Discuss your ideas and ask if they can do what you want. You may have seen some maternity portraits before and you probably have some ideas on your own. Make sure to discuss your ideas with the photographer before selecting him. You need a photographer who can give you exactly what you want. Make sure that the photographer is willing to do some test shots before you commit to him.

Here are some useful tips when selecting a good maternity portrait photographer. When selecting a photographer, you should also make sure that you discuss your health issues. You might be exposed to certain environments or materials that are not advisable for pregnant woman.


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