How To Socialize, Be Funny and Make Friends

Humans have an innate need to socialize with all people. We have been social beings ever since we first hunted in packs. It is just more efficient for a human to work in groups than it is to work alone. We can catch food faster. We can conserve our energy better and better protect ourselves, too. We developed our ability to work in unison with others as we evolved as humans.

In today's world, we still feel the need to be included in the group, but technology has helped us do things on our own. We can automate the heating of our house. We are now able to get our food through the grocery and the market instead of hunting for it. We can even work at home and make a living.  This, however, does not eliminate the need to be social.

For some, making friends can be an easy job, but for people without the proper social skills, it can be very difficult. We understand the difficulty of this situation and this is why we devised this guide to help you learn to socialize, be funny and make friends.

  1. Start by being yourself.  We tend to think that we have to be like some other (better) person for people to like us. If somebody does not like you at first, you might grow on them in time. If they just don't want to get to know you, then that is okay because there are a lot of people out there that you can be friends with.
  2. Be positive. People like people that have a positive outlook in life and they don't like being around a downer. Try to find the silver lining in everything. Don't overstate it, though. People don't like it when you are overly positive. Say it in a calm nonchalant tone.
  3. Tell a joke or two. If you are not sure what to joke about, listen to what the other people are joking about. Be careful not to offend anyone--you can start by making self-deprecating jokes until you are more familiar with the subject and more comfortable with the people you are with. If someone else makes a joke, you should laugh, too. This way, when you are the one cracking the joke, they return the favor.
  4. Smile. A smile opens doors and opens people up to be friends. Smile just enough to show a little of your teeth. Assess how people respond.  If they smile at you, smile back and strike up a conversation. If they respond positively, show more of your personality to them.
  5. Loosen up. Be confident and relax.  Tension is contagious and if you are tense, people will likely not like you because they could get tense as well. Share your silly ideas no matter how stupid they sound. Everybody has stupid ideas as well and would be happy to hear stupid ideas from other people. Relax, you don't have to talk all the time.  Let others share their stupid ideas, too, and you can listen.

These are just some of the ways you can socialize and be funny. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself in the process. It is not that hard to be liked when you enjoy yourself. Just like what you are doing and make sure you aren't hurting anyone else and surely you will be making friends in no time.


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