How To Spend Father's Day

Now that Mother's Day is behind us, it is time to start thinking about our dads and Father's Day. It is said that dads are harder to shop for than mothers, and more times than not it is true.  You can always get him the great gift of a tie, which he has hundreds of already, or you can think of something different and surprise him with something fun to do on Father's Day.  This Father's Day instead of getting your dad something he may never use, take him out and spend the day doing something fun and memorable.

Step 1

Sporting Event - Since Father's Day is in the summer, you are more than likely going to have some great weather to get outside and enjoy.  If you live in a city where you have a sporting franchise, think about buying some tickets and taking your dad out to enjoy a game.  This is a great idea because it is something he can enjoy and will create a memory he will never forget.

Step 2

Golf - Taking your dad out for a round of golf is another great way to spend Father's Day.  Even if your dad is not very good at golf, he will surely enjoy the time spent outside.  Try to find a course that he has mentioned and wanted to play.  Buy a round for you and him, and pick a day when he will be free and able to enjoy a day of golf.  This will surely make him happy and give him time to relax and enjoy time spent with you.

Step 3

Picnic - Something that would be fun to do with your father for Father's Day would be to get the whole family together for a family picnic.  Put together a nice spread and get the whole family to spend the day together at the park for a picnic and some outdoor fun.  Bring a ball or frisbee to throw around and make a day of it.  This is a great way for your dad to be able to spend valuable time with the whole family. 

Step 4

Relax - For Father's Day, your dad may not want anything more than to just sit back and enjoy a relaxing day around the house.  Instead of trying to plan some extravagant event, think about just letting your dad relax and do whatever it is he wants to do.  This is a day for him to not worry about anything and just enjoy some down time.  Even though it may seem like you are doing nothing for him, you are doing just what he wants.

Father's Day does not have to be about what gift you get your dad, but rather how you spend the day with him.  Try and do something enjoyable that will create a lasting memory for your family and more importantly, for your father. 

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