How To Spot a Scorpio

In the Zodiac calendar, Scorpios are people born between the 24th of October and the 21st of November. Astrologers claim that Scorpios are often the most difficult people to understand because of their complexity. Scorpios are often intuitively intense. They can also be hot-headed and passionate.

Here are a few things you should note, when you want to spot a Scorpio.

Watch out for people who are straightforward with their feelings. Scorpios are straightforward. They don’t sugar-coat or beat around the bush. A Scorpio will say what he feels exactly as he feels it, whether it’s a good or bad thing.

Watch out for loyal people. Scorpios are passionately loyal. These people will stand by your side, no matter what. Consider, though, that he might also expect the same of you. Be honest and straightforward to Scorpios, because they like this characteristic in others.

Look out for passion. Watch for people who are passionate with everything they do. Scorpios are passionate about their interests, whatever these are.

Watch for mystical skills. Scorpios are often said to have mystical skills. These include clairvoyance or psychic abilities. It doesn’t matter if you believe in mysticism. But if someone tends to have strange abilities, then chances are, they’re a Scorpio.

Is someone hypocritical? Scorpios might not necessarily be hypocrites. However, when the need arises, a Scorpion will likely to go for an idea that they don’t necessarily support if it will be to their advantage.

Look for someone who’s rarely sick. Look around for acquaintances who are rarely sick. Scorpios often have quick healing tendencies. This physical ability is often a sign of being a Scorpio.

They like to be in charge. Scorpios like the feeling of being on top of things. They are likely to be leaders, although they will often not show it outwardly.

They can be mysterious. Scorpios want to hear a lot about other people, but will rarely tell you something about themselves. Say something about yourself and a Scorpio will keep it in mind. Just be sure not to disclose everything in one go. Scorpios like to slowly gather details and information to keep things interesting.

They are competitive
. Scorpios are fighters. They will want to compete. And they will want to win.

Birthdays will help, too! Of course, aside from looking for signs that someone is a Scorpio, maybe you should also try to research for birthdays. Do their birth dates fall between October 24 and November 21? They’re most certainly Scorpios.

Compatibility. If you’re looking for a potential relationship, consider that Scorpios are best with Capricorns, Virgos, Pisceans and Cancers.

Scorpios are not exactly the most simple beings around. They can be very passionate, and also very skillful. However, you should watch what you say. Scorpios might be loyal, but they will also expect you to be loyal to them. Scorpio is also the most sexually-charged among the Zodiac signs. This means a Scorpio will be passionate, but will want to love someone who can be trusted.


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