How To Start Online Dating

Have you finally decided that you are tired of trying to meet the right person at work or in a bar? Are you ready to give online dating a try? Good for you. You are entering the world of technology and dating that opens your options exponentially. To start online dating all you need is some time and these steps to get on your way.

  1. Decide which website to use. For every personality and dating style there is a website to help you find the perfect date. Take a look at some of the most popular before you make a decision. Try Yahoo personals, eHarmony, and to start. The sites differ in cost as well as options so check them all out until you find the one that works for you. Several of these sites allow you a glimpse at the other members so you can get an idea if the right person for you is on the same site.
  2. Be honest about what you have to offer. You might get discouraged by all the people who are looking for fit or athletic body types accompanied by blond hair and blue eyes. This might tempt you to fib a little about yourself when you fill out your profile. Resist this urge. Give an honest assessment of your body, your look and your personality. Don't hide previous marriages, your children or any habits like smoking or the tendency to be high maintenance. If this make-believe version of you attracts the date, that person won't be interested in seeing you once he or she realizes you lied.
  3. Take and post an excellent photo. Dating profiles without a photo rarely get a second look. Few people, including you, want to pursue what they cannot see. You might think that the studious portrait is the most flattering because it shows your eyes well. However consider selecting a more appealing photo like the one of you skiing last winter or relaxed after your last spa outing with the girls. An active photo makes you appear more interesting and fun. Upload at least one photo to the website.
  4. Know what you are looking for. Any online dating site will ask you to select the qualities you are looking for in a date. Select whether you are interested in something casual or if you prefer a more serious relationship. You will also want to indicate what you are looking for physically and personality wise in a partner.
  5. Don't get discouraged. In the early weeks of online dating you might find appealing dates as sparse as they were at the bar. Have some patience and keep looking. Stay open to new experiences and you might find what you're looking for.

Online dating is like dating in the real world. The only difference is that once you start online dating you will find you have more options available on any given Saturday night. Have fun with technology and you might find the partner who is made for you.


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