How To Stop a Fight in 30 Seconds

Nobody likes to see someone get hurt. So when you're a bystander of a fight, it's your responsibility to step in and do something about it. These tips will help you to stop a fight in 30 seconds.

Step 1

Talk some sense into the fighters. Talk to the people involved in the fight and plead for them to stop. Give them reasons to stop, scare them about possible punishment, and just try to talk some general sense into them. This is the safest and easiest way to stop a fight quickly.

Step 2

Step in. One way to stop a fight in 30 seconds is to put yourself between the two fighters. Now, this isn't always a safe move, so use your discretion. But if there is a break in the punching and brawling, make your move and step between the warring parties. Outreach your hands to signal to both people that they need to stay away from each other. This may be all the warning they need to stop fighting.

Step 3

Pull one of the sides away. You can also quickly stop a fight by taking one side out of the fight. Go for the person you know so that you don't risk getting hit yourself. Wrap your arms around him and turn him away from his opponent. This should give him a few seconds to cool down. Plus, with your strong grip on him, he'll be less likely to lunge at his opponent.

Step 4

Bring in the big guys. If you don't feel safe stepping in to stop a fight in 30 seconds, there may be someone close by who can help you. If you are near a bar, there are likely bouncers who are paid to do this. Get the attention of a bouncer and he'll quickly stop the fight. As well, on the off chance that the fight is near some police officers, you can also quickly alert them. Asking someone who intimidates the fighters to help stop the fight will usually lead to a complete dissolution of the crowd. No one wants to be reprimanded for fighting, so bringing in the authorities usually stops a fight the fastest.

Step 5

Get out the hose. The police use this technique all the time to quell crowds and riots. It will also work for you when you want to stop a fight quickly. Find the nearest hose and crank the water. Then aim it at one or both of the fighters. Don't let up until both sides have stepped away and have indicated that they're done fighting. Beware that this may put you in harm's way though, since it may work to aggravate the already angered fighters. Give yourself a good distance from the fighters, and then let the water flow.


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